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Gored 2 Times by Bulls, American Ready to Run Again

Bill Hillmann says Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises' inspired his annual Pamplona

(Newser) - An American gored two times already while running with the bulls in Spain is willing to risk a third time, People reports. Author Bill Hillmann was living his Ernest Hemingway fantasy in northern Spain on Saturday when a bull gored his buttocks and tossed him in the air. The Chicago... More »

Yellowstone Bison Gores Girl Posing for Photo

Exchange student suffers non-life-threatening injuries

(Newser) - A 16-year-old Taiwanese exchange student got a little too close to a bison while sightseeing with her host family at Yellowstone National Park, reports CBS News , and was gored by the animal. The National Park Service says the girl was between three and six feet from the bison on Friday... More »

Deadly Bull Kills 3rd Victim in 10 Years

Bull is so fearsome, owners command higher fee for appearances

(Newser) - A fearsome bull killed a man at a festival in Spain Saturday—the bull's third kill in 10 years. Ratón, or Mouse, has such a terrifying reputation that its owners earn more than $14,000 whenever it appears at a festival, the Guardian reports. This time around, witnesses... More »

Bull Gores Matador's Throat

Surgeons struggle for hours to reconstruct mouth

(Newser) - A Spanish matador was struggling to recover today after suffering horrific injuries when a bull's horn entered his throat and exited his mouth. The half-ton bull caught Julio Aparicio under the chin when the matador lost his balance and stumbled while executing a pass in Madrid. Aparicio, 41, was tossed... More »

4 Stories