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Bullfighting Ends Today in Barcelona

Catalonia ban comes after years of decline for blood-filled tradition

(Newser) - Today's bullfights at the 97-year-old Plaza de Toros Monumental arena in Barcelona will be the last ever for the venerable—and brutal—sport in Catalonia province, reports the BBC . The province voted to end bullfighting last year, the first ban on the corrida de toros in mainland Spain (it'... More »

French Bullfighter Gored

Sebastian Castella ends up on wrong side of bull again

(Newser) - There are bad days at the office, and then there is getting tossed around like a ragdoll by one ton of bloody, raging male cow. French bullfighting phenom Sebastian Castella had both over the weekend, reports the Huffington Post, breaking his collarbone after ending up on the wrong side of... More »

Bull Charges the Stands, Injures 40

Rampage in same region of Spain that hosts Running of the Bulls

(Newser) - A bull leapt into the stands at a bull ring in Spain yesterday, tearing through the crowd and injuring 40 people. He was eventually subdued and killed with the help of an ex-bull fighter who happened to be in the stands, the New York Times reports. While most of the... More »

Bull Gores Matador's Throat

Surgeons struggle for hours to reconstruct mouth

(Newser) - A Spanish matador was struggling to recover today after suffering horrific injuries when a bull's horn entered his throat and exited his mouth. The half-ton bull caught Julio Aparicio under the chin when the matador lost his balance and stumbled while executing a pass in Madrid. Aparicio, 41, was tossed... More »

4 Stories