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India Launches $35 Tablet

It's not cutting edge, but it is 30 times cheaper than the iPad

(Newser) - India has announced the world's cheapest tablet computer—just $60, or $35 with a student discount, reports Reuters . Called the "Aakash," or "sky," the tablet was developed by a small British company together with the Indian Institute of Technology, and is assembled in India. With... More »

Don't Trust Any Poll That Omits Cellphones

They're ignoring 25% of the populace

(Newser) - Yeah, it's expensive, but pollsters need to start calling cellphones. According to the latest CDC data, 23% of US adults, or 25% of US households are cellphone-only, writes Nate Silver of . Add in “cellphone-mostly” households and that jumps to 40%—and it could be even higher by... More »

2 Stories