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Judge Sucker-Punched Lawyer After Party: Complaint

'I do justice and I f---ing kill people!' Robert Beltrani allegedly said before altercation

(Newser) - A party in October ended with a Legal Aid lawyer lying unconscious on a New York City sidewalk, and on Tuesday, a state parole judge who handles Rikers Island cases was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment in the case, the New York Daily News reports. Robert Beltrani, 53, was... More »

Man Dies in 'Freak Accident' After 'Sucker Punch'

His fiancée calls it a 'freak accident'

(Newser) - A 32-year-old father of two is dead after a "sucker punch" to the head ruptured a blood clot on his brain that no one was aware of, his family tells WHO . Fiancée Lindsey Engquist calls it a "freak accident." According to the New York Daily News... More »

Soccer Player's Punch Leaves Ref With Brain Injury

Player was angry about getting ejected: cops

(Newser) - Police are searching for a soccer player who gave a referee a traumatic brain injury on Sunday morning in San Francisco. During an adult-league game, the 33-year-old referee gave a player a yellow card for a violation, which the player apparently argued, police tell the San Francisco Chronicle . The referee... More »

Hollywood's Biggest 2011 Flops

Ticket sales were down, and these movies help explain why

(Newser) - This was not a banner year for Hollywood, with domestic box office revenue down 4%, breaking a string of record highs. These films were part of the reason why. The Hollywood Reporter compiled a list of 2011's biggest flops, and there were some doozies—we've listed some of... More »

Russian Billionaires Brawl on TV

Just try not to laugh out loud. Really.

(Newser) - It's hard to say what makes this footage of one Russian tycoon sucker-punching another on a TV show extra hilarious: Maybe it's the glowing purple orb that sits in the middle of the discussion about the economic crisis. Maybe it's because property developer Sergei Polonsky announces he... More »

Punch a Grandma, Get 25 Years in Prison?

(Newser) - Pedro Guzman, a 21-year-old Kansas City man, decided that his friend's grandmother shut the door to his car too hard. And she had a smart mouth--telling him to get off her property. So he punched her in the face, breaking her jaw. He pleaded guilty to first-degree assault in March,... More »

6 Stories