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LiLo Begins House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan will serve sentence of roughly 35 days

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan arrived bright and early at LA's Lynwood Jail today to surrender for a house arrest sentence related to the theft of a necklace , according to TMZ . The 24-year-old actress will be cooped up in her townhouse for roughly 35 days with the electronic ankle bracelet she was... More »

Lohan Granted Bail, Sprung From Jail

Judge overrules earlier decision to lock her up for a month

(Newser) - It might be time for revolving doors at the California jail recently inhabited by Lindsay Lohan: Barely nine hours after a judge all but locked her away and threw away the key, another granted bail, TMZ reports. The actress posted $300,000, and walked out the door of Century Regional... More »

Twittery LiLo: 'FU' a Joke

Meanwhile, she keeps cookin' on 5 prescription drugs

(Newser) - Twitter-happy Lindsay Lohan has hit the chatter-sphere with her own unique brand of largely incoherent comments in the wake of her tear-wrenching 90-day jail sentence for blowing off alcohol education classes. First, she insisted that whole "F U" message written on the middle fingernail of her left hand... More »

LiLo: Judge Hates Me, but I'll Skate

Big court date looms tomorrow; Linds not worried

(Newser) - The possibility of getting tossed in the pokey might faze most people, but Lindsay Lohan is not most people: The starlet could face a parole violation at her court hearing tomorrow, but she's convinced that her lawyer "will just fix this like everything else," a source tells TMZ.... More »

LiLo to Pose Nude...Almost

Plus, she makes sure to reference 'raw sex' in new film

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan apparently isn’t all that embarrassed by her SCRAM bracelet: She plans to take everything off—except for the alcohol monitoring device—in new print ads. The final ads for her 6126 handbag line may or may not actually include the bracelet, Us Weekly reports—a source involved... More »

Trump Wants LiLo for Celeb Apprentice

Lindsay on reality TV? Makes sense...

(Newser) - Perhaps you don’t care about Lindsay Lohan, Donald Trump, or Celebrity Apprentice. Nevertheless, the New York Post article combining all three is worth a read if only for one priceless quote: Trump, apparently a Lohan family friend, wants LiLo to compete on the show…and mom Dina says her... More »

Lindsay Lohan Escapes Jail Again

Her bracelet monitor apparently detected alcohol

(Newser) - Lots of Lindsday Lohan drama today, but she's managed to avoid jail again, reports TMZ . Her judge issued an arrest warrant after learning that Lohan's monitoring bracelet went off over the weekend while she was at the MTV Movie Awards gig—apparently because it detected booze in her system. (She... More »

LiLo's Lawyer Lied in Court...Twice?

Plus, her dad gives his two cents, as always

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan’s attorney seems to have told a bit of a fib in court yesterday when she tried to get her client out of wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet. The bracelet, she argued, would be out of place when Lilo shoots an upcoming film in Texas. Makes sense, until... More »

Lilo's New Ankle Bracelet: No, You Can't Get One

Alcohol monitoring could come in handy for, say, parents of teenagers

(Newser) - If an alcohol-monitoring bracelet can keep celebs like Lindsay Lohan from drinking—which, of course, remains to be seen—other sobriety seekers might wonder, can I get one? Can a parent procure one to keep a teenager on the straight-and-narrow? Sadly, no. For now the device—which uses the same... More »

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