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Next Super Bowl May Not Have Halftime Show...

...because it could be too cold for one: report

(Newser) - Don't start placing bets on who will play next year's halftime show: There may not even be one. The next Super Bowl, set for New Jersey's Meadowlands stadium, will mark the first time the big game will be open to potentially frigid temps—and it may be... More »

Blackout Halts NFL Game

Double power crash occurred at Meadowlands

(Newser) - A double power outage at the Meadowlands sports stadium in New Jersey temporarily halted an NFL game yesterday between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. The snafu plunged the packed stadium into total darkness, and some players hit the ground, apparently fearing an attack, CNN reports. Investigators are... More »

We're Stuck Paying for Abandoned Stadiums

New Jersey still owes $110M on what's now a parking lot

(Newser) - The old Giants Stadium is a parking lot now, but New Jersey residents still owe $110 million on it. Seattle's King County currently owes more than $80 million for the Kingdome, which was demolished in 2000. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Houston Kansas City,... More »

Adultery Site Wants to Rename Meadowlands

AshleyMadison offers $25 million...and will go higher

(Newser) - The infidelity business must be booming. Adultery-promoting website is offering to pony up $25 million to acquire the naming rights to the new Meadowlands Stadium, home to the Jets and Giants. "We would be pleased to match any such superior offer," reads the letter obtained by... More »

Bundle Up: Super Bowl Coming to New Jersey

New Meadowlands will host 2014 championship

(Newser) - Break out the parkas—the 2014 Super Bowl will be held in New Jersey and it won't be indoors. NFL owners have voted to put the championship game in the new $1.6 billion Meadowlands stadium that's about to become home to the New York Jets and Giants. And no,... More »

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