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He Died a Hero in Portland, Then Someone Stole His Ring

Police release video, pics of man they think stole Rick Best's ring, backpack

(Newser) - Rick Best was a dad, Army vet, and employee of the city of Portland, Ore., who had his life snatched away last Friday on a MAX train there after he stepped in to defend two Muslim teens. But that wasn't all that was taken from the 53-year-old, police say:... More »

Bride Takes on Saleswoman Who Called Her Ring 'Pathetic'

'Y'all I would have gotten married to this man if it had been a 25¢ gum ball machine ring'

(Newser) - Quinn and Ariel McRae don't have a lot of money. They say they "scrape and scrape to pay bills and put food in our bellies." What they do have is love, lots of it, and they decided it was high time after two years of dating to... More »

First the Bride Lost Her Ring. Then Came the Salmonella

More than half of their 150 guests fell ill, and 22 were hospitalized

(Newser) - Things weren't looking good on the eve of their wedding. Alabama couple Desiree and Martez Cole had to have a heart-to-heart conversation about how material things aren't what really matter after Desiree's wedding ring slipped off during a walk along the harbor and fell into the Tennessee... More »

Woman, 86, Finds Ring She Lost Handing Out Halloween Candy

What a treat

(Newser) - The case of the missing wedding ring has been solved, and not a moment too soon. WDSU reports an 86-year-old Louisiana resident lost her wedding ring while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters Saturday. According to the Slidell Police Department, everyone was afraid she had dropped the ring, which has great... More »

'Gift From God' Helps Wife Recover Lost Wedding Ring

Rosa Pineda believed she'd never see it again

(Newser) - When Rosa Pineda lost her wedding ring in the Pacific Ocean, she cried and figured it was long gone—until her husband stumbled onto what she calls "a gift from God," ABC News reports. Rosa and Rudy Pineda were with their family on Shell Beach at Pismo Beach,... More »

Bighearted Bikers Find Missing Ring for Man's Widow

They searched in waist-high weeds to find ring of Rhonda Thill's deceased husband

(Newser) - When Rhonda Thill got husband Randy's belongings back after he died in a motorcycle crash last month, her heartbreak was compounded when his wedding ring wasn't among them, she tells Kare 11 . "It had to be somewhere," she says. "Maybe the force of the impact—... More »

Cops Buy Back Elderly Man's Pawned Wedding Ring

He was struggling to care for wife with dementia

(Newser) - When police in Cornwall, Ontario, responded to a domestic call, they found an elderly woman with dementia arguing with her husband of 54 years. In talking to the husband, the officers learned that he had recently pawned his wedding ring, a sign of how desperate things were getting as he... More »

Mischievous Dog Eats $23K Rings

Sierra the Lab recovering after surgery

(Newser) - A dog is recovering in Tulsa, Okla., after chowing down on her owner's wedding rings. Stephanie Lamb says she left her engagement and wedding rings, worth $23,000, on a coffee table and forget about them. The next day, "I saw my dogs near the coffee table,"... More »

55 Years After Plane Wreck, Ring Finds Its Way Home

Nick Buchanan searched for surviving family for nearly 20 years

(Newser) - It's a bittersweet reunion. Joyce Wharton, now 78, had recently married when her parents Hazel and Hugh Armstrong set out on a flight one morning in 1959. "He was a very experienced pilot and they flew that morning out of Portland to Seattle and never arrived," Wharton... More »

Man's Wedding Ring Gets Him Killed

Jason Ferguson of Florida was installing dishwasher when he was electrocuted

(Newser) - A good deed for his in-laws has ended in tragedy for a south Florida man. Jason Ferguson, 33, was installing a new dishwasher at his brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house Thursday when he was electrocuted, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Family members, who were sitting down to eat around 7pm, found... More »

Wedding Band Stolen From WWII Vet's Finger

93-year-old Florida man says he slept during burglary

(Newser) - A World War II veteran who wore his wedding band for 70 years had it stolen right off his finger last month during a nighttime burglary, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Dan Thomas, 93, says the thief sneaked into his bedroom in Pampano Beach, Fla., and stole various items of low monetary... More »

Firefighters Hunt Ruins, Find Lost Ring for Widow

Boston crew fulfills a promise after last week's deadly blaze

(Newser) - The widow of one of the two Boston firefighters killed in last week's deadly fire had only one request of his fellow firefighters: Find his wedding ring. And as Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe reports, they somehow did just that in the ruins of the Back Bay blaze.... More »

Oops: Man Sells Wife's $23K Wedding Ring for $10

Racquel Cloutier was in the hospital at the time, post-childbirth

(Newser) - Husbands, there's a lesson for you in Eric Cloutier's very big mistake: Never sell anything at a garage sale without first checking with your wife. The California man offloaded a watch box he thought was empty at a June 1 community garage sale for $10. Little did he... More »

Anti-Adultery Ring? It Imprints 'I'm Married'

Engraving on the inside leaves words on your finger

(Newser) - Worried about your spouse slipping off the wedding ring and cheating on you? Put this in the last-resort category: a ring that leaves the words 'I'M MARRIED' on the flesh. The band is engraved on the inside, so an imprint on the skin is made after it's... More »

Miss Dominican Republic Mrs. Out on Title

She's not single, so she loses crown

(Newser) - The only thing that came between Carlina Duran and her Miss Dominican Republic title was a wedding. Organizers discovered within days of crowning Duran last week that she was married in 2009, making her ineligible to win the contest reserved for single females. Duran, 25, insisted the marriage was "... More »

Long-Lost Wedding Ring Reappears— on Carrot

Hadn't been seen for 16 years

(Newser) - A Swedish woman lost her wedding ring in 1995, and it's finally turned up—around a carrot in her vegetable garden. The whereabouts of the ring across the 16 years in between remains a bizarre mystery. Lena Paahlsson was baking when she took off the ring, prompting some serious... More »

Man Scours Landfill for Wife's $10K Wedding Ring

... and miraculously finds it

(Newser) - The lost-and-found tale of the week: A Florida man accidentally chucked his wife's $10,000 custom-made wedding ring in the trash, then dutifully headed to the county dump to dig in. Workers gave him a protective suit, pointed him in the right direction ... and watched in amazement as the... More »

SEAL Widow's Hunt for Lost Ring Goes Viral on Facebook

Search for missing wedding band goes viral

(Newser) - Kimberly Vaughn is getting some serious help—or at least good wishes—as she looks for her lost wedding ring. Vaughn's husband, Aaron, was a Navy SEAL killed in August when the Taliban shot down a helicopter in Afghanistan. Kimberly noticed her ring was missing on Oct. 1—the... More »

Single? Divorced? There's a Ring for That

New trend reminds us we can buy our own jewelry

(Newser) - Not engaged, but just dying for an oh-so-special ring to call your own? Great news: Thanks to today’s brilliant jewelry marketers, there’s a ring for every relationship status you’d like to broadcast to the world, be it “available and happy” or “divorced, available, and happy.... More »

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