Mercy for Animals

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Animal Cruelty Video Shows Abuse at Major Dairy Farm

Idaho operation supplies Burger King, other chains

(Newser) - Yet another tough-to-stomach video is out detailing the abuse of animals in the fast-food industry, this time at a huge dairy farm in Idaho. The video by Mercy for Animals shows workers at Bettencourt Dairies punching, kicking, dragging, and stomping on cows, reports the Miami Herald . Because Burger King gets... More »

Horrific Video Lands Farm Worker in Jail

Billy Joe Gregg caught beating dairy cows with crowbars

(Newser) - An Ohio dairy farm worker was charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty yesterday, after an animal rights group released an undercover video showing him and other dairy workers viciously beating cows with crowbars and stabbing them with pitchforks. Billy Joe Gregg is currently in jail awaiting arraignment, and faces... More »

2 Stories