Pacaya volcano

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World's Most Terrifying Airports

From New York City to New Zealand, the scariest places to take off and land

(Newser) - If you're already afraid of flying, go watch this video of a frolicking baby lamb . If you're feeling tough, enjoy SmarterTravel's picks for the 10 most frightening airports in the world:
  • Barra Airport, Barra, Scotland: The world's only commercial beach airport. "Passengers can expect to arrive safely on one
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Tourists Risk Lives to See Rivers of Lava

Thousands drawn to glowing rivers, worrying officials

(Newser) - Thousands of tourists are flocking to Guatemala's Pacaya volcano to see the glowing rivers of lava cascading down its slopes, worrying officials who say they're risking their lives two weeks after a deadly eruption. Pacaya National Park was closed even before the May 27 explosion, which killed a reporter who... More »

Volcano Shuts Guatemala City Airport

Pacaya covers region in ash

(Newser) - Volcanic delays aren't just for European air travelers any more. Guatemala City's airport was closed last night as the Pacaya volcano, 15 miles south of the city, began spewing ash. Some parts of the city have been coated with up to 3 inches of ash. Over 1,000 people from... More »

3 Stories