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Wasilla Paper Apologizes for Joe McGinniss Threat

It was an attempt to be 'catchy,' not intimidating

(Newser) - The editor of Sarah Palin's hometown paper in Alaska has issued a mea culpa for pointing out that author Joe McGinniss could find himself on the wrong end of "deadly force." (Previous story here .) "I certainly did not mean to suggest that McGinnis—(like the original... More »

Todd Palin: 'Creepy' Neighbor Has Ruined Summer

Family thinking of moving to escape Joe McGinniss

(Newser) - The Palin family summer has been spoiled, thanks to author Joe McGinniss moving in next door, and Todd Palin called Kathleen Parker to talk about it. Parker writes in a Washington Post blog that the Palins are considering moving the family elsewhere rather than live with "big brother" watching... More »

Watch It, McGinniss: Palins Could Shoot You

It's not a crime in Alaska to use deadly force to protect your property

(Newser) - In case you were were wondering, some Wasilla locals are amused by the fuss the national news media—from what they call Outside—is making over Todd and Sarah Palin's new fence. The town paper, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, has gotten breathless calls from news organizations, including the Today show,... More »

Watch Out, Sarah: Wasilla Might Take You Down

Her 'everywoman' image can't take the hit

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is doomed, warns Gawker , and it's her Wasilla brethren, not the Democrats, who are could take her down. Sure, the fence she built around her home will shield her family from the prying eyes of the "lamestream" media, writes Adrian Chen. But the problem isn't the press—... More »

Palin Builds Fence to Block Snoopy Writer's View

Says she needs to protect her family

(Newser) - When Sarah Palin's would-be unauthorized biographer, Joe McGinniss, moved in next door , the Palin family made a not-so neighborly move: They built a great big fence. The former governor tells AP she needs to protect her family's privacy. Why, she asks on Facebook, would McGinniss need to look at "... More »

5 Stories