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Bear's Dairy Queen Visit Ends in Charges

Zoo owner says he'll plead guilty to offenses under Alberta's Wildlife Act

(Newser) - The video was a hit with some, but Canada's Discovery Wildlife Park is taking a hit for it. The private zoo has been charged with two offenses under Alberta's Wildlife Act after caretakers allowed a captive Kodiak bear to be hand-fed ice cream in a Dairy Queen drive-thru... More »

Dairy Queen Shuts Down Franchisee After Racist Rant

Illinois location shut down, franchisee banned

(Newser) - Dairy Queen has given the boot to one of its franchisees after he allegedly unleashed a racist tirade against a customer. Deianeira Ford visited a Zion, Ill., DQ on Wednesday with her two young children and asked for a refund after her order was mixed up. Owner James Crichton gave... More »

Boy's DQ Milkshake Mixed With Chemical Cleaner

Employee mistakenly filled tainted bottle with syrup used in 7-year-old's shake

(Newser) - In the second such incident at a food establishment this month, a 7-year-old boy had to go to the hospital after drinking a vanilla milkshake with an unexpected ingredient: chemical cleaner. "It tasted gross," Riley Chase tells ABC News of the not-so-sweet treat he sampled last week at... More »

Dairy Queen Manager's Class Act Wins Praise

He stands up for blind man, forks over own money

(Newser) - A teenage Dairy Queen manager in Hopkins, Minnesota, qualifies as the new poster boy for basic human decency. Joey Prusak, 19, was serving a blind customer when the man dropped a $20 bill without knowing it, reports WCCO-TV . The woman in line behind him quickly picked it up and ... tucked... More »

Restaurateur's Plan: 5% ObamaCare Surcharge

John Metz to pass the buck to customers

(Newser) - Ordering a Grand Slam breakfast in Florida might soon cost a little bit more. John Metz, owner of Hurricane Grill & Wings and franchisee of 40 Denny's and a number of Dairy Queens in the state, plans to slap a 5% ObamaCare surcharge onto bills once ObamaCare is fully... More »

15 Celebs' Summer Jobs

See, they really were just like us...once

(Newser) - Even Tom Cruise had a newspaper route—in his pre-Hollywood days, of course. The Daily Beast uncovers the summer jobs of 15 celebrities:
  • Amy Adams: The Enchanted star was, briefly, a Hooters girl after high school, but she says she “wasn’t cut out to be a Hooters waitress.
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6 Stories