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Partypoopers: Jellyfish Sting Hundreds in Florida

Swimmer: 'It just kinda stuck to my leg… and I couldn't get it off fast enough'

(Newser) - It’s a moon jellyfish free-for-all on central Florida beaches. An unusually large swarm of jellyfish have stung an estimated 1,200 beach-goers over four days in Volusa County. Jellyfish are not unusual in the area. Winds and currents push them ashore once or twice a year, Volusia County spokeswoman... More »

Nation's Best Beach: Coronado

California locale tops annual survey

(Newser) - If you're yearning for a little beach time this summer, California's Coronado Beach is the place to be, according to an annual survey. The 1.5-mile stretch of sparkling sand wins top honors in the 2012 survey by a Florida professor known as "Dr. Beach," reports... More »

Naveen Andrews, Barbara Hershey Split Up

After 11 on-and-off years, 'Beaches' and 'Lost' stars go separate ways

(Newser) - Lost star Naveen Andrews and Beaches star Barbara Hershey, who first got together in 1998, quietly broke up late last year, People reports . Andrews, now 41, and Hershey, 62, overcame not just their age difference and their careers' radically different trajectories but also the revelation in 2005 that he had... More »

3 Stories