Andrew Koppel

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Inside Andrew Koppel's Troubled Life

Had history of drinking alone; may have taken drugs on day of death

(Newser) - Andrew Koppel had a long history of alcohol abuse, but friends remember him as a brilliant and "genuine nice guy" who had—they thought—successfully moved past the troubles of his youth. His death Monday left more questions than answers, and Belinda Caban, in whose apartment he was found,... More »

Ted Koppel's Son Dies After Drinking Binge

Witness: 'He was very drunk'

(Newser) - The son of former ABC newscaster Ted Koppel has been found dead in a New York City apartment after an apparent daylong drinking binge with a 32-year-old waiter he had just met, police say. Andrew Koppel, 40, was declared dead at around 1:30am yesterday, reports the AP . A 53-year-old... More »

2 Stories