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Germans Say Nein to Kissing at Work

Keep your distance, says a German etiquette group

(Newser) - It may be common in France, but a kiss on the cheek has no place in Germany, says the Knigge Society, a group that advises on social behavior and etiquette. It says it has received numerous complaints on the subject, and wants to remind Germans to stick with a handshake—... More »

Make Starbucks Your Office Without Being a Jerk

Expert tips for using free wireless without irritating others

(Newser) - Now that Starbucks has free WiFi , nothing's keeping you from making the local branch your away-from-home office—except perhaps money and social conventions. Om Malik of GigaOm , a successful startup that incubated at a Starbucks, offers some pointers:
  • Buy something: And not just one tall black coffee per 8-hour shift—
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What Not to Wear to the Office

Skip the shorts, and the stockings

(Newser) - Temperatures are rising and necklines are plunging—but showing too much cleavage can turn you into the office boob. Don't let your summertime sartorial choices tarnish your workplace reputation, writes Anna Post, a rep for the Emily Post Institute, for Reuters . Her fashion tips:
  • Mix high and low: Pair one
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3 Stories