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DNA Tests Clear Up Titanic's 'Last Mystery'

Did 2-year-old Loraine Allison perish in 1912 ... or not?

(Newser) - A century later, the word "mystery" has been replaced by "hoax." The Telegraph reports on what it calls the Titanic's "last mystery": What was the fate of Loraine Allison? The 2-year-old passenger was believed to have gone down with the ship, which would make her... More »

Man Wakes With Amnesia, Speaking Only Swedish

Doctors are looking into the mystery of Michael Boatwright

(Newser) - Doctors are looking into the mystery of a Florida man who awoke speaking only Swedish, with no memory of his past, after he was found unconscious four months ago at a Southern California motel. Michael Boatwright, 61, was in February taken to a Palm Springs medical center where he woke... More »

Book: Steering Blunder Sunk Titanic

And we thought it was the soundtrack...

(Newser) - The mystery of the Titanic , like Céline Dion 's heart, goes on and on...and on...and on... But a new book hopes to end the debate over the ship's demise by outlining a new theory: the crew saw the iceberg in plenty of time, but a helmsman panicked... More »

Agatha Christie Novel May Reveal Her Alzheimer's

One of her last books shows big decline in language

(Newser) - One of Agatha Christie's last novels suggests the author had Alzheimer's, says an English professor who crunched its text in a database and compared it to earlier novels. The number of different words used dropped by an "astounding" 20%, while her use of indefinite words like "thing" or... More »

4 Stories