Einstein's brain

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iPad App Gives You Access to... Einstein's Brain

Scanned images available for researchers and regular people alike

(Newser) - Want a look at Einstein's brain? For $9.99 it's yours, as long as you have an iPad. A new application launched today includes detailed scans of the genius' brain: After he died, his brain was removed, sliced up, and turned into almost 350 slides, and a medical... More »

The Strange Odyssey of Einstein's Stolen Brain

And the breakthrough it led to

(Newser) - When Thomas Harvey performed Albert Einstein's autopsy, he removed his brain, which was standard procedure. But what he did next wasn't standard at all: He put the brain in a jar of formaldehyde and made off with it. NPR relates the strange tale in a segment this morning. Harvey said... More »

2 Stories