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60% of Dogs Overweight ... or Obese

Seems they're having the same problems we are

(Newser) - Dogs are turning into real pigs. A whopping 6 out of 10 dogs were found to be overweight, or—yelp!—obese in a recent study. The reasons are the same ones humans grapple with every day: eating too many table scraps and not getting enough exercise. Researchers also found... More »

Court Sends Chubby Dog to Fat Farm

Animal officials take heavy action

(Newser) - British animal officials repeatedly whining about a family's grossly overweight dog finally obtained a court order to seize the animal and send him to a fat farm. Bull terrier Gucci weighed in at some 70 pounds when he was finally taken away for a slimming diet. The dog could hardly... More »

2 Stories