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Meet the Man Who Can Buy You a Twitter Following

Jim Vidmar buys fake accounts, and then follows real people—his clients

(Newser) - Jim Vidmar has rather unusual job: He oversees 10,000 fake Twitter accounts. And the Las Vegas man has been at it for six years, using a dozen computers and a slew of accounts to help beef up the followings of his 50-or-so clients, who pay him to help them... More »

Wendi Deng's Twitter Account Is—Gasp!—a Fake

@wendi_deng is not actually Mrs. Rupert Murdoch

(Newser) - If you spent the weekend glued to Rupert Murdoch's newly launched Twitter account (sample tweet about St. Barth's: "too many people") and found glee in the public admonishments wife Wendi Deng tweeted his way (sample: "RUPERT!! delete tweet!!"), some bad news. Her account... More »

Meet Rahm Emanuel's Fake Tweeter

Foulmouthed page garnered 39K followers

(Newser) - The potty-mouthed scribe behind the hugely popular—and fake— @MayorEmanuel has outed himself after months of secrecy , reports Mediaite . A lengthy profile in The Atlantic reveals Dan Sinker to be the man behind the Twitter feed, which garnered 39,000 followers as a flamboyant, vulgar narrative of the new Chicago... More »

Rahm Has a Potty-Mouthed Twitter Impersonator

And the feed is way more popular than the real thing

(Newser) - A fake Twitter feed that has fun with Rahm Emanuel's fluency in f-bombs is taking off. The feed @MayorEmanuel has more than 26,000 followers, triple the number of the Chicago candidate's real feed . Even Emanuel says he checks in, and the tweets usually make him smile, notes the Huffington... More »

Twitter Imposter Mocks Medvedev

'Kermlin Russia' dodges country's media crackdown

(Newser) - Dmitri Medvedev has discovered one of the great joys of Twitter: the satirical impersonator account. Just days after the Russian president sent his first dispatch from his @KremlinRussia page, another account—called @KermlinRussia —is delivering mocking responses to his dispatches. One, for example, poked fun at his attempts to... More »

10 Best Fake Twitter Feeds

You don't have to be the real McCoy to be hilarious

(Newser) - If only @BPGlobalPR were the real deal: The spoof account is far more entertaining than BP's actual one (find a clear demonstration of that here ). Time's Newsfeed shares 9 more spectacular, satirical Twitter feeds, with sample tweets:
  1. @FakeAP Stylebook : "'horrible tragedy'—use this phrasing to differentiate the described
... More »

6 Stories