Burma nuclear weapons program

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Burma Working on Nuclear Weapon in Secret Jungle Site

Witnesses say they've seen secret facility, missiles: WikiLeaks reveal

(Newser) - Burma may be building nuclear weapons, according to some of WikiLeaks’ State Department cables. A Burmese officer told US diplomats that he’d seen North Korean technicians helping to build “a concrete-reinforced underground facility,” where surface-to-air missiles were being assembled, the Guardian reports. Another witness said he’d... More »

Burma Working on Nuclear Weapons: Report

But it'll be years before they know how to make a bomb

(Newser) - Burma has been secretly acquiring the materials it needs to build a nuclear weapon, though the country currently lacks the technological expertise to do so, according to a new report. Based on documents and photos smuggled out of the country by an army defector, the study concludes with “high... More »

2 Stories