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A Rabid Fox Attacked Her in Her Yard: 'I Had to Do Something'

New Jersey's Tammy DuBois strangled it with one hand

(Newser) - A woman trying to fend off a rabid fox that was biting her in the leg reached down with one hand to hold shut its mouth and with the other strangled it, the AP reports. "I couldn't do anything else to get it away from me," Tammy... More »

Skyscraper-Dwelling Fox Evicted

Animal found living 72 stories up in UK's tallest building

(Newser) - A fox found living at the top of the UK's tallest building is now back at ground level. The animal, nicknamed Romeo, survived by eating food from the workers who are still constructing London's 945-foot Shard skyscraper, the BBC reports. Animal control workers, who believe Romeo entered the building through... More »

Wounded Fox Shoots Hunter

Animal flees, hunter is in hospital

(Newser) - A wily fox turned the tables on a pursuing hunter and shot the man as the two battled in the woods. The Belarusian hunter was about to finish off the fox, wounded by one shot, with the butt of his rifle. But as he raised his gun, the animal leaped... More »

London Foxes Attack Twin Baby Girls in Bed

Pair creep in as parents watch TV

(Newser) - Twin British baby girls were mauled by a pair of foxes that entered their home during the night and crept upstairs to their beds. The 9-month-old babies were listed in serious but stable condition after suffering bite wounds on their arms in the attack in a trendy neighborhood in Hackney,... More »

4 Stories