Helen Thomas retires

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AP Scores Helen Thomas Seat, Fox Gains Front Row

Musical chairs in the White House press briefing room

(Newser) - The coveted Helen Thomas seat in the White House press briefing room went to the AP yesterday, upsetting all three news organizations who'd been lobbying for it—Fox, Bloomberg, and NPR. But Fox moved up to the front row, into the old AP seat, and NPR moved into Fox's vacated... More »

Helen Thomas Interviewer Hit With 25K Hate Emails

Rabbi's interview unleashes anti-Semitic free-for-all

(Newser) - The rabbi whose off-the-cuff interview with Helen Thomas cost the veteran White House correspondent her career isn't getting a lot of cudos for the gotcha. Rabbi David Nesenoff, who says he was as astonished as anyone to hear Thomas blurt out something so obviously not camera-ready, has been subjected ever... More »

'Freedom of Speech' Means Helen Thomas, Too

In wake of 'indefensible' remarks, UK commentator sees double standard

(Newser) - The remark that ended Helen Thomas' career "was, quite simply, a disgraceful, thoughtless and indefensible statement"—but she does have a constitutional right to share her indefensible opinions. That contrarian view comes from across the Atlantic, where Guardian media blogger Roy Greenslade is weighing the "wider implications"... More »

Thomas Ruins Her Legacy

Antisemitic comments put cloud over crabby glory days

(Newser) - If only Helen Thomas had retired just a couple weeks earlier, then we could remember her for her legendarily combative presidential interrogations, muses Howard Kurtz. But after her “get the hell out of Israel” rant, we’re left instead with today’s column in the Washington Post titled “... More »

Who Gets Helen Thomas' Front-Row Seat?

Opening in White House press room ignites speculation

(Newser) - Fox News and Bloomberg have already called dibs on the front-row seat in the White House briefing room held for decades by Helen Thomas, but will either one get it? The White House Correspondents Association will make the call, and Thomas, who retired in disgrace today , isn't talking. Pretty much... More »

Helen Thomas Retires Amid Fracas

White House correspondent done-in by comments on Israeli Jews

(Newser) - White House correspondent Helen Thomas retired today amid a brouhaha surrounding her comments that Israeli Jews should "go home," reports USA Today. The 89-year-old Hearst columnist had covered every administration since JFK's, but succumbed to intense scrutiny that included a White House admonition, being dropped by her speaking... More »

High School Cancels Speech by Helen Thomas

She agrees to skip commencement talk after complaints

(Newser) - Helen Thomas has agreed to back out of a commencement speech at a Washington DC high school following complaints by students and parents. The veteran White House correspondent has come under fire for an interview in which she said Jews should "get the hell out" of Israel and go... More »

Ari Fleischer: Fire Helen Thomas

She tells Israelis to go back to Poland, Germany

(Newser) - Helen Thomas continues to draw serious heat for a YouTube interview (see it in the gallery) in which she tells Israelis to "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to where they came from. Former Bush press chief Ari Fleischer has joined the chorus, calling for Thomas... More »

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