Gary Coleman death photos

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Coleman's Ex-Manager Suspects Foul Play

And yes, the death photos are out

(Newser) - Another insider is crying foul play in the death of Gary Coleman. Ex-manager Dion Mial, who is also the executor of Coleman’s 1999 will, tells Radar he “wholeheartedly believes” that “there are criminal intentions relative to Gary’s death,” and goes on to imply ex-wife Shannon... More »

Coleman Death Pics Sell for $10K

Shannon Price is supposedly the snapper

(Newser) - When it comes to profiting from Gary Coleman’s death, his ex-wife isn’t stopping at weird interviews : Shannon Price is reportedly behind the sale of Coleman’s death photos. The pictures, which show the actor in his hospital bed, were purchased by the oh-so-classy Globe magazine for $10,000,... More »

2 Stories