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4 Famous Sites Likely to Underwhelm

See Egypt's pyramids, then grab a pizza

(Newser) - You might think trips to see Stonehenge or Egypt's pyramids are worth the thousands of dollars in airfare and other travel expenses. These are majestic, ancient structures, after all. Sadly, there's more to such famous spots than most picturesque Instagram posts suggest. Four destinations likely to underwhelm, according... More »

$5M Picnic Basket May Soon Be Available at a Bargain

Ohio county seeking foreclosure to pay off $700K bill

(Newser) - Know anyone so fond of picnics they'd want to take up residence in a building shaped like a picnic basket? With $700,000, they might get the opportunity. After nine months on the real estate market, the "Big Basket" office building in Newark, Ohio, seems destined for a... More »

For Sale: 7-Story Building Shaped Like Giant Basket

Last of Longaberger Co.'s employees are moving out of Ohio's iconic 'Big Basket'

(Newser) - Nearly 20 years ago, Longaberger Co. employees moved into their new headquarters in Newark, Ohio—a seven-story, 180,000-square-foot building shaped like a picnic basket. On Thursday, that stay comes to a close as the last of those employees who work in the "Big Basket" move out and over... More »

Pisa No Longer World's Furthest Leaning Tower

Honor now goes to Abu Dhabi's Capital Gate Building

(Newser) - The Leaning Tower of Pisa is about to lose a little of its street cred—it's no longer the world's further leaning tower. The Guinness World Record now goes to Abu Dhabi's Capital Gate building, which leans 18 degrees—a slant nearly five times greater than Pisa's, reports the Huffington... More »

Empire State Building Won't Light Up for Mother Teresa

Request to honor of her birth denied

(Newser) - New York City's Empire State Building said "yes" to Mariah Carey, dog shows, cancer charities—even the 60th anniversary of communist China. But the landmark skyscraper's owners have declined to illuminate it in honor of the late Mother Teresa. Catholic League President Bill Donohue said his lay advocacy group... More »

Rollerblader Leaps From Eiffel Tower, Sets Record

(Newser) - A Rollerblader broke a world record on Saturday, jumping from the French landmark onto a huge ramp while thousands of spectators below cheered him on—and into the ranks of the Guinness Book of World Records. It took world champion skater Taig Khris two attempts to complete the feat; he... More »

London Plans 'Rival Eiffel' for Olympics

Boris Johnson unveils plans for 400-foot 'Hubble Bubble'

(Newser) - London is building a tower for the 2012 Olympics that officials hope will become as iconic as the one Gustave Eiffel built for the 1889 World's Fair. The 400-foot-tall structure of coiled metal, designed by artist Anish Kapoor, will tower over the Olympic site in East London. The spiral "... More »

Dubai Fetes Tallest Building

Dubai hopes 2,717-foot wonder can repair reputation

(Newser) - The Burj Khalifa Bin Zayed, the tallest building in the world, opened today with an extravagant ceremony involving 10,000 fireworks. The 2,717-foot, 160-story tower—originally the Burj Dubai, and renamed in honor of the president of the UAE—is expected to boost revenue for developer Emaar Properties by... More »

Willis What? Sears Tower Changes Names

Insurance company gets naming rights

(Newser) - An insurance company no one's ever heard of is suddenly a big name in Chicago.  Starting today, the Sears Tower—the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere—becomes Willis Tower, after Willis Group Holdings, the Sun-Times reports. Chicagoans grumbling about the name change, which Willis earned by leasing just... More »

Empire State Building Going Green

Makeover project hailed as a landmark for energy efficiency

(Newser) - The Empire State Building is getting a makeover to reduce its King Kong-sized carbon footprint, NY1 reports. As part of a larger renovation, "green" improvements will be made to the 78-year-old building—including an update for all 6500 of the structure’s windows—to reduce its energy consumption by... More »

Economy May Cripple Chicago Spire Project

Consultants file liens against world's tallest skyscraper

(Newser) - The sputtering economy could topple plans to erect the nation’s tallest skyscraper, reports the Chicago Tribune. Consultants on the construction of the Chicago Spire have filed liens, with celebrity architect Santiago Calatrava seeking more than $11.3 million and a Chicago-based firm demanding $4.85 million. The developer’s... More »

Tower Takes 2nd-Tallest NYC Honors

New BofA building outgrows Chrysler; only Empire State is taller

(Newser) - The Big Apple skyline’s getting a new No. 2, the New York Observer reports: Bank of America's new headquarters is set to overtake the Chrysler Building this week as runner-up to the Empire State Building. Luckily for the newcomer, height is traditionally marked at the “structural top”: The... More »

Calatrava Unveils Designs for Chicago Spire Interiors

Life at 2000 feet will have a warm, woody feel

(Newser) - Taking a page from Frank Lloyd Wright's book, architect Santiago Calatrava has created a '"total design" for his Chicago Spire, which will be the the world's tallest residential building upon completion. Unlike Wright, who could be downright dictatorial about what furniture would be placed in his houses (and where),... More »

SF Skyline Getting Big Upgrade

Proposed buildings will be second-tallest in US

(Newser) - San Francisco officials are cementing deals to build a pair of skyscrapers that would challenge New York's 1,250-foot Empire State Building as the US' second tallest, Bloomberg reports. The city has selected a plan for a slender, 1,200-plus-foot obelisk to be built in the Market financial district, with... More »

Dubai Tower is World's Tallest

$1B skyscraper at 1,680 feet; final height will be over 2,200 with 160 floors and 56 elevators

(Newser) - An unfinished skyscraper in Dubai is now scraping the sky at 1,680 feet, surpassing Tawain's Taipei 101 as the world's tallest building. The Burj Dubai, which began construction in September 2004, will cost $1B and consist of more than 160 floors and 56 elevators when completed in 2008. More »

150-Story Chicago Spire to Begin Construction

Calatrava designed building will be nation's tallest building

(Newser) - The Chicago Spire, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is finally under way. Following an ownership change, a design change and a name change, what will become the nation’s tallest building will be completed in 2010. More »

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