Brad Pitt beard

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Angie Talks Kid No. 7, Retirement

Sorry, super-fans: She may be retiring soon

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie addresses some of her now-typical interview questions (will she and Brad ever get married? Are they having more kids?) in a Vanity Fair cover piece. Highlights:
  • The most important question of all: What did she think of Brad’s infamous, grody beard ? “I love Brad in
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Brad Pitt Finally Shaves That Thing

Yes, the beard is least, mostly gone

(Newser) - Our long national nightmare is over: Brad Pitt finally took care of that thing growing on his face. Some called it a beard, but after two years of it growing progressively more scraggly , most were begging for its demise. To see the shot of a slightly more well-groomed Pitt recently... More »

2 Stories