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Get Ready for Touch-Free Televisions...

...and phones, and tablets, starting next year

(Newser) - Touchscreens are so 2011. Starting as soon as next year, we'll be able to manipulate our phones with a wave of the hand. And that's just the beginning: Touch-free technology could soon take over our TVs, our tablets, and other devices, the BBC reports. One company behind the... More »

Your Next Cable Box: Xbox Live

Microsoft revamping service

(Newser) - The latest competition aiming to replace your cable box: Xbox Live. Microsoft is ramping up its online entertainment service starting tomorrow, allowing subscribers to watch a variety of television from their Xbox 360. In addition, rather than the tedious process of using a remote control to search for shows listed... More »

'Gmail Motion' Now Real

Group turns April Fools' joke into working technology

(Newser) - Days after it was announced, Google’s April Fools' joke has become reality. Last week the company unveiled "Gmail Motion," a fake service that would allow you to compose an email using a webcam and some pretty kooky gestures (like pretending to lick a stamp to send said... More »

Kinect Sells 10M Units, Sets Guinness Record

Motion-controller trumps iPad, iPhone

(Newser) - Forget the iPhone, iPad, or Wii—the Microsoft Kinect has snagged the record for "fastest-selling consumer electronics device" after moving 10 million units since its launch in November of last year, PC World reports. The motion-sensing add-on essentially turns the Microsoft xBox into a competitor for Nintendo's Wii, and... More »

Xbox Kinect to Geeks: Hack Us!

Microsoft wants help developing all possibilities of new tech

(Newser) - Hack us, please. That's the message Xbox Kinect developers are issuing to hackers everywhere. They know they're sitting on something big, and want help exploring all the possibilities of Microsoft's cutting-edge motion-control Kinect video games. Hackers have already altered Kinect to work for touchie-feelie porn and World of Warcraft . Now... More »

Microsoft's Project Natal Reborn as Kinect

Motion control system debuts at E3

(Newser) - Microsoft unveiled its much-hyped Project Natal motion control system—now renamed “Kinect”—at E3 last night, in a performance long on grandiosity and short on actual revelations. After walking through a set of fake living rooms, the white-poncho-wearing audience was treated to a performance by Cirque du Soleil... More »

6 Stories