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Wacky Tea Party Candidate Loses Ala. Runoff

No more 'founding father' call to arms

(Newser) - Decidedly odd Alabama Tea Party candidate Rick Barber has lost his bid for Congress even though his "aw-shucks racism and incoherent rantings" turned him into an internet sensation, notes Gawker. Barber lost the runoff election to his far more traditional GOP rival Martha Roby, who faces Dem Bobby Bright... More »

Time for 'Rational Conservatives' to Speak Up

Fringe candidates are getting out of control

(Newser) - It's easy to write off the campaign ads of Tea Party candidate Rick Barber in Alabama as the ravings of someone on the fringe, writes Ruth Marcus. But his latest —in which he equates taxes to slavery and uses images of Holocaust victims—is not only "sacrilegious" but... More »

Ala. Tea Partier: Health Reform Is 'Slavery'

Candidate Rick Barber ups ante with even crazier ad

(Newser) - Tea party Republican Rick Barber has outdone himself. In a kind of sequel to his last crazy ad , the Alabama congressional candidate has released a new video in which a man dressed like Abraham Lincoln declares that paying taxes amounts to slavery. “Hey Abe,” Barber asks, “If... More »

Tea Partier's Trippy Ad Calls for Revolution

'Gather your armies,' Washington declares

(Newser) - Think the Tea Party rhetoric is getting a little overwrought? Then get a load of this video from Alabama House candidate Rick Barber, in which he has a kind of war council with various founding fathers. Barber calls for President Obama’s impeachment, then launches a mostly nonsensical rant about... More »

4 Stories