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Top GOP Fundraiser Mosbacher Dead at 82

Bush 41's commerce secretary helped grease the skids for NAFTA

(Newser) - Robert Mosbacher, a legendary GOP fundraiser who served as George HW Bush's commerce secretary, died of cancer today in Houston. The multimillionaire oilman was 82. Mosbacher, an influential NAFTA proponent, was "the shrewdest dealmaker I ever knew," Bush, a friend of half a century, said in a statement.... More »

'41' Feels for '43'

Father-in-chief feels pain of current President Bush

(Newser) - George H.W. Bush is closer to his son than the White House has let on, the New York Times reports, with the 41st president and the office's 43rd and current occupant speaking almost daily. Dad is often stung by criticisms of George W., an aide says: “It wears... More »

Iraq in Free Fall, CIA Boss Warned

'Irreversible' problems for government bared in secret meeting

(Newser) - The CIA director painted a grim picture of a deteriorating situation in Iraq sharply at odds with President Bush's sunny view in a closed-door session of the Iraq Study Group last November, Bob Woodward reports in the Washington Post. "The government is unable to govern," Michael Hayden flatly... More »

3 Stories