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Russia Takes US Diplomatic Parking Spots in Ongoing Spat

Russia says it's seeking 'full parity' with US diplomats

(Newser) - It appears US diplomats in Russia will be spending less time trying to smooth relations with that country and more time circling the block after Moscow revoked diplomatic parking privileges in two cities, the AP reports. According to a report from Russian state-owned TV, officials painted over parking spots outside... More »

Hong Kong Parking Spot Sets World Record Sale Price


(Newser) - A parking space in Hong Kong has set a world record, selling for $664,200, the South China Morning Post reports. The 188-square-foot spot is on the first floor of a luxury apartment complex near the harborfront and was purchased by an executive director of an investment firm, AFP reports.... More »

Google Maps May Keep Your Car From Being Towed

Users can now receive alerts for parking time limits

(Newser) - Never again will you have to wander a parking lot in search of your vehicle—or so Google hopes. A new feature on Google Maps allows users to record the location of their vehicle by tapping the blue location dot on the map screen and putting a "P" icon... More »

Twitter Complaint Prompts Elon Musk to Adopt Big Change

Tesla owners will face small fines if they leave cars parked at charging stations

(Newser) - Some owners of electric cars have made it a habit to use charging stations as parking spots well after their charge is complete, and other electric car drivers are getting sick of it. One took the problem straight to Tesla CEO Elon Musk last week when he tweeted to him,... More »

He Parked in June, Couldn't Find Car Until Now

Unnamed man searched for it for days; 6 months later, mystery solved

(Newser) - You know those few seconds of panic when you can't recall exactly where in the lot you parked the car? Multiply it by a couple million and you have this story out of the UK. In June, a man borrowed a friend's BMW in Scotland and drove south... More »

Navy Vet Gets Apology for Misogynistic Note

Rebecca Landis Hayes was shamed for parking in a veterans-only space

(Newser) - A woman shamed with an anonymous note for parking in a veterans-only space—despite herself being a veteran—has received an apology from the unnamed note-leaver, Fox News reports. Rebecca Landis Hayes came out of a North Carolina grocery store June 13 to a note on her windshield that read:... More »

Pentagon Official in Trouble for Stealing License Plates

He left threatening note on nanny's car

(Newser) - A top Pentagon official known as a "stickler for the rules" almost ended up in prison for harassing a nanny who parked in his upscale Washington, DC, neighborhood, the Washington Post reports. Cops say Bryan Whitman stole the nanny's license plates three times in April after leaving a... More »

Abu Dhabi Jails Woman for Facebook Picture of Car

Jodi Magi has 'zero idea' why she's in trouble for post about parking

(Newser) - They could have just washed her mouth out with soap, but instead Abu Dhabi officials threw Australian Jodi Magi in jail for posting a picture of a parked car online, Australia's ABC News reports. It started in February when Magi, annoyed at a driver who took up two handicap-parking... More »

Lawsuit: Cop Arrested Man for Taking Parking Spot

Florida man says it took years to clear his name

(Newser) - "It's a typical thing: Two people see a spot; two people go for it," a lawyer for Florida man Clausel Pierre says. "But in this case, one of those people was a police officer with the power to arrest." According a lawsuit Pierre filed late... More »

Your Car Could Someday Park Itself

Valeo unveils automated valet parking at Detroit conference

(Newser) - Technology may soon eliminate one of life's little annoyances: looking for a parking space. That's the vision of French auto parts maker Valeo, which demonstrated Park4U —automated valet parking—at an intelligent-vehicle conference in Detroit yesterday, the AP reports. The system kicks into action when the driver... More »

Super Bowl Ticket Prices Are Pretty Nuts

And even billionaires are expected to ride the bus

(Newser) - Hoping to attend Super Bowl XLVIII? No problem: All you need is around $2,700 bucks (for the worst possible seat, mind you) and the patience to navigate public transit (as driving/parking will be a nightmare). In case you're rich, the NFL's official used-ticket marketplace is selling front-row,... More »

Boston Woman Pays $560K for 2 Parking Spots

And in SF, one sells for $82K

(Newser) - Parking is such a precious commodity in Boston that one woman was willing to pay $560,000 for two off-street spaces near her home. Lisa Blumenthal won the spots in the city's Back Bay neighborhood during an on-site IRS auction yesterday. The IRS had seized the spots from a... More »

Ear Bitten Off as Priests Fight for Parking Space

Father Thomas Byrne, 80, charged with grievous bodily harm

(Newser) - What a scene to behold: Two retired Catholic priests fought so viciously over a parking spot that one allegedly bit off the other's ear, reports Australia's News Network . Father Thomas Byrne, 80, battled 81-year-old Father Thomas Joseph Smith in their building complex yesterday in Perth, Australia, police say.... More »

Town Assigns 'Easy' Parking Spots to Women

German mayor says he's sure there are some good female drivers

(Newser) - Pull into the new parking garage in Triberg, Germany, and you'll see something strange: wide, well-lit spaces with female symbols on them, and cramped spaces near concrete pillars with male symbols on them. The logic is simple, according to Mayor Gallus Strobel: Men are better at parking. He insists... More »

Mayor Turns His Parking Spot Into Park

Ithaca's Svante Myrick, 25, wasn't using it

(Newser) - The mayor of Ithaca, NY, gave up his car and started walking to work—but he still had his own reserved parking spot downtown. What to do? Svante Myrick, 25, the city's youngest mayor, decided to turn his "parking space into a park space," he wrote on... More »

New Yorkers Crack Down on Sex in Cars

Back-seat love annoys neighbors

(Newser) - New Yorkers are getting fed up with clubgoers who make hanky panky inside of parked cars. Residents between Seventh and Eighth Avenues around West 30th Street say randy partiers are having sex in cars, leaving condoms on the street, honking car horns at all hours ... you get the idea. So... More »

Troubled CIA Op Busted in Fight Over Parking Spot

Raymond Davis was recently freed in 'blood money' deal after Pakistan killings

(Newser) - You might want to cross the street to avoid Raymond Davis: The CIA operative—who last made headlines after causing a diplomatic furor between the US and Pakistan after he killed two Pakistanis he said were trying to rob him —is in trouble again, this time in Colorado. Seems... More »

British Homes Now Cheaper Than Ritzy London Parking

There's a disconnect betwee London and the rest of the country

(Newser) - Much like the US, Britain is seeing home prices plummet—well, except in London, that is. There, prices are soaring, thanks largely to foreign buyers. How bad is it? So bad that the average price of a home in the country as a whole has now fallen to around $260,... More »

San Francisco iPhone App Will Find You a Parking Spot

But, city officials warn, you should pull over before using it

(Newser) - In busy San Francisco, city officials estimate that drivers looking for a parking spot account for 30% of all downtown congestion. Enter the iPhone: A new app could solve the parking problem. The city introduced SFpark last month, aiming to show drivers the areas that have open spots. Wireless sensors... More »

Guy Who Beat Woman Over Parking Spot: She Hit First

It's been 'hard on my family,' says Queens electrician

(Newser) - A New Yorker charged with beating a woman into a coma in an argument over a parking space insists the 4-foot-11-inch victim struck the first blow. Lana Rosas, 25, is in critical condition and still unconscious more than a week after she struck her head on the pavement during the... More »

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