Jeremy London kidnapped

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Jeremy London Joins Celeb Rehab

If nothing else, at least he'll get to meet Tila Tequila

(Newser) - Perhaps Jeremy London faked his crazy kidnapping ordeal , all in a ploy…to land a spot on Celebrity Rehab? Well, even if that wasn’t his plan, that is in fact where he’s headed. The 37-year-old has a history of drug problems, but claimed to be sober this March... More »

Losing 'Love of His Life' Caused London to Relapse

Breakup of affair led him back to drinking, drugs

(Newser) - Jeremy London allegedly fell back into drug and alcohol abuse long before his recent kidnapping drama. A friend and former business associate tells Radar the downward spiral began when he broke up with the “love of his life.” His wife? Nope. A woman he met during a separation... More »

Jeremy London 'Needs Serious Help': Bro

Kidnapping story 'makes no sense'

(Newser) - Jeremy London’s family has stopped beating around the bush: His crazy kidnapping story “just doesn't add up,” says his twin brother, and “we feel he needs serious psychological help.” Jason London tells People , “Jeremy’s behavior right now is indicative of whenever he's back... More »

Kidnapper to London: 'Hit This or I'll Kill You!'

More bizarre details emerge, London's wife talks

(Newser) - The saga of Jeremy London’s alleged kidnapping continues to get weirder. Radar has all sorts of new details, including an unintentionally hilarious quote supposedly uttered by one of London’s drug-offering abductors: “Hit that motherf***er! Hit it or I’m gonna kill you!” Even stranger is the... More »

No One Believes Crazy Jeremy London Story

Plus: Another weird story about apparently broke actor

(Newser) - Poor Jeremy London: First he was kidnapped and forced to smoke dope ; now no one believes him. Friends of Brandon Adams, who has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping London, say Adams would totally do drugs with someone—but would never force anyone to do drugs. “Brandon probably was doing... More »

5 Stories