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Ad in China Fights Back Against Insane Pressure to Marry

Friends put up $6K ad in subway telling Mom and Dad not to worry if they're single

(Newser) - While the Panthers and Broncos face off at the Super Bowl this Sunday, young people in China heading home for the Lunar New Year have their own pressure to face: the badgering of well-meaning family members who want them to get married. Marriage and producing kids hold a lot of... More »

Feds Suspect Plot to Attack DC Subway

Suspect nabbed in undercover sting

(Newser) - Federal authorities believe they’ve sniffed out a plot to attack Washington DC’s Metro system, sources tell the Washington Post . The plot, which is still under investigation, was in its early stages and never endangered the public, they say. The investigation centers around a Pakistani-born naturalized US citizen named... More »

Dostoevsky Station May Be Suicide Lure

Moscow experts warn metro stop is too depressing

(Newser) - Depressed Moscovites would do well to steer clear of the new metro station dedicated to Dostoevsky. The place is so gloomy—it's filled with murals of his suicidal or murderous characters, along with a brooding one of the author himself—that psychologists are worried it will attract people who want... More »

3 Stories