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4 Women Get Lab-Grown Vaginas

Patients now have normal sexual function

(Newser) - Four young women are experiencing normal levels of "desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction" and pain-free intercourse after having lab-grown vaginas implanted, doctors say. The implants—created in a US lab with tissue samples and a biodegradable scaffold—were used in teenage patients starting eight years ago, but this is... More »

Pig Bladder Hormone Allows Vet to Re-Grow Leg Muscles

Right thigh muscles regenerated after experimental treatment

(Newser) - Marine Isaias Hernandez lost 70% of the muscles in his right thigh in a mortar explosion in Afghanistan. Such extreme damage usually requires that the leg be amputated. Not in Hernandez's case. Instead, he was injected with a growth hormone that comes from pig bladders—and his leg muscle... More »

First Lab-Grown Urethras Succeed

Surgeons produce viable urinary tubes from patients' own cells

(Newser) - The field of regenerative medicine has chalked up a major success. Scientists have successfully grown urethras in the lab using patients' own cells, and the urinary tubes are still functioning normally six years after they were implanted, the BBC reports. The five young boys involved in the study had suffered... More »

Scientists Find Secret of Regeneration

Boosting cancer risk might allow humans to regrow limbs

(Newser) - Researchers think they’ve found a trick that could allow humans to someday regrow limbs or heart tissue in much the same way some lizards do. The scientists say humans gave up much of their regenerative power as part of an evolutionary trade-off: Our genes suppress cell growth, and with... More »

Stem Cells Reverse Blindness

Sight restored to people blinded by chemical burns

(Newser) - Stem cell transplants have helped dozens of people blinded by chemical burns to see again, Italian researchers say. Doctors used stem cells from undamaged parts of the patients' eyes to replace the damaged cornea. The procedure resulted in a successful transplant roughly 75% of the time. One man who badly... More »

5 Stories