Al Gore sexual assault

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Julian Assange: Sleazebag or Sex Offender?

When does offensive sex become a sex offense?

(Newser) - Julian Assange is probably a dirtbag, but how far do we go in calling him a sex offender? That's the question posed by Katrin Bennhold in a column in today's New York Times . “It cheapens rape,” she quotes a friend of hers as saying. “He sounds really... More »

Gore Won't Face Charges in Masseuse Case

Oregon woman alleged 'sex poodle' assaulted her

(Newser) - A prosecutor says former Vice President Al Gore won't be prosecuted over allegations by a masseuse that he groped and assaulted her in his Portland, Ore., hotel room in 2006. DA Michael Schrunk said in a statement today the case has numerous problems and isn't appropriate for a criminal prosecution.... More »

Gore Assaulted Us: 2 More Masseuses

Police are investigating claims, tabloid reports

(Newser) - Al Gore—allegedly—really likes massage therapists. Two more have come forward claiming sex abuse at his hands, and police are investigating, the National Enquirer reports. One incident allegedly took place at a Beverly Hills hotel when Gore was attending the 2007 Academy Awards; the other reportedly happened a year... More »

Al Gore Accuser's Pants Stain: Not Semen

Portland paper continues to justify not running story

(Newser) - That infamous stain on the pants of Al Gore’s masseuse is not semen. That’s the biggest revelation to come out of a Portland Tribune article written by former managing editor Todd Murphy, which once again explains why the paper didn’t run the Al Gore sexual assault story... More »

Masseuse Is Full of It: Tipper

She doesn't buy sexual assault allegations, says pal

(Newser) - If you were expecting Tipper Gore to side with the masseuse, prepare to be disappointed. “Both Al and Tipper are baffled” by Molly Hagerty’s sexual assault allegations and “frustrated to see his name dragged through the mud,” a friend of Tipper’s tells People . “She... More »

Cops Reopen Gore Sexual Assault Case

He issues firm denial of masseuse's allegations

(Newser) - Police in Portland, Oregon are taking another look at allegations that Al Gore sexually assaulted a masseuse in 2006 . Portland police had earlier said they wouldn't reopen the case unless new evidence surfaced, and no reason was given for today's decision, CNN reports. Masseuse Molly Hagerty has told police she... More »

Gore's Masseuse Reveals Herself

'He's not what people think he is,' says Molly Hagerty

(Newser) - The Al Gore sex scandal isn’t going away: In the latest issue of the National Enquirer , his accuser reveals herself…and calls Gore a lot of names. “Al Gore is a pervert and sexual predator,” says 54-year-old Molly Hagerty. “He’s a sick man.” The... More »

Portland Paper Knew of Gore Sex Assault Claim in 2007

Editor wanted to report story but couldn't find enough evidence

(Newser) - At least one Oregon paper had the chance to break the story of an alleged sexual assault by Al Gore, but a year-long investigation yielded insufficient information. “The truth is we very much wanted to report the story on Al Gore,” Mark Garber, editor of the Portland Tribune,... More »

Neighbors Spill Details on Gore's Accuser

And masseuse might talk...for cool $1M

(Newser) - We may not know her name, but we now know she's into the Zodiac. Neighbors of the massage therapist who has accused Al Gore of sexual assault describe her to the Oregonian as an honest, outgoing bird lover. "She's a very spiritual person," says an artist who lives... More »

Gore 'Begged for Release of His Chakra': Masseuse

Police report definitely falls into TMI department

(Newser) - Thanks to the uncovering of a 2009 police report, you’re about to know more—much more—about Al Gore than you ever wanted to. The report, obtained by KGW , details a Portland masseuse’s allegations of sexual assault at Gore’s hands, beginning with an inappropriately long embrace when... More »

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