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Big Breakthrough Could Mean Pig Organs in Humans

Scientists who've created genetically modified piglets say perhaps in 2 years

(Newser) - Pig organs have long been eyed as transplant options for humans, as the organs are about the same size and pigs are plentiful, but it's been challenging to overcome the human immune system's possible rejection of such organs. Now, in what one medical expert tells the New York ... More »

Scientists Close In on Lab-Grown Human Penis

They've had success with rabbits, are approaching first clinical trials

(Newser) - If you think a bio-penis is only for guys who've run into angry, knife-wielding partners, think again. Genetic defects, penile cancer surgery, trauma, and even erectile dysfunction are all reasons a sizable number of men might opt for a bioengineered penis. A team of researchers has done it successfully... More »

Climate Change Solution: Rebuild Human Beings

Bioengineering can make us smaller, smarter, and intolerant to red meat

(Newser) - Frustrated by the lack of progress in fighting climate change? Researchers suggest we should consider re-engineering human beings rather than trying to reverse climate change directly, LiveScience reports. "We might not be entirely serious that people should be doing this," says Anders Sandberg, an author of a study... More »

Scientists Create 'Living Laser'

Technique could change light-based, imaging therapies

(Newser) - Scientists have been genetically engineering organisms that glow for years, but now a team at Massachusetts General has taken the technology to a new level—to create a "living laser." They aren't blasting death rays (yet), but scientists have coaxed single cells, derived from human kidneys, to... More »

Blood Vessels Grown in a Lab

New technique grows vein safe for transplants that don't clog

(Newser) - Scientists have devised a new method of growing blood vessels—safe for transplanting into anyone, or for storage for up to a year—that could revolutionize heart surgery, reports the Telegraph . To create the veins, random donor cells are placed on a biodegradable scaffold, where they grow collagen; the original... More »

Brain Waves Translated Into Words

Study proves electrodes can capture speech signals

(Newser) - University of Utah researchers have translated brain waves into words using microelectrodes planted over the brain's speech centers. They stress that although the technology is in its infancy—they could only distinguish the correct word from 10 possibilities half the time—the study proves that it can be done, and... More »

Cat Walks Again Thanks to New Surgery

Experimental procedure mimics deer antlers

(Newser) - A British cat is up and walking after a first-of-its-kind experimental surgery that could have implications for human medicine, too. Oscar, who lost his back paws in a farm accident, has two prosthetics fitted directly into holes drilled into his bones at the amputation sites. The pegs were coated with... More »

7 Stories