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Fatty Foods Scar the Brain

Rodents lose ability to monitor hunger, thirst

(Newser) - High-fat foods don't just make the midsection runneth over, a new study says. They also scar a part of the brain that monitors how hungry and thirsty we are. A recent study shows that fatty foods temporarily damaged the hypothalamus brain area of rodents in only three days, and... More »

Hungary Launches 'Fat Tax'

Salty, sugary foods now 50 cents more expensive

(Newser) - Chocolate cake won’t make you any thinner—but in Hungary, it’ll make your wallet lighter. Yesterday, the country instituted a “fat tax” of about 50 cents on foods loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. Among a sweet-toothed population, the tax is expected to bring in some $100... More »

It's True: Fatty Foods Make You Happier

Chowing down when depressed may just be instinct

(Newser) - There’s a reason we gorge on chocolate bars or French fries when we’re down: Fatty foods actually do make us feel better, a study suggests. Scientists in Belgium had subjects look at images of sad people and listen to sad music while being fed through a tube, the... More »

Krispy Kreme Burger Sweeps the Nation

Wisconsin State Fair adds chocolate-covered bacon

(Newser) - Have you ever thought to yourself, “Self, you are not doing enough to ensure you die of a heart attack before you have to deal with that nasty growing old nonsense”? Then maybe you should see if your local state fair is selling the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. It’... More »

The 50 States' Grossest Dishes

From reindeer fat ice cream to 2-foot-long hot dogs

(Newser) - Some states are pudgier than others—here's looking at you, Texas—but none escapes this list of beloved yet fat-filled dishes. Health.com tracked down the worst offender in each of the flabby 50:
  • Alaska: Eskimo Ice Cream, a mix of blackberries and salmon berries—in reindeer fat and seal
... More »

5 Stories