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Iranian Scientist: US Wanted to Trade Me for Hikers

Shahram Amiri spills the details in a televised interview

(Newser) - The Iranian scientist who claims to have been kidnapped by the CIA says American agents pressured him to confess to being a spy as part of a master plan to free three hikers who have been held by Iran for a year. Except that Shahram Amiri, who returned home to... More »

Story Murky, Iran Scientist Headed Home

But US officials say Shahram Amiri defected

(Newser) - The Iranian nuclear scientist who turned up in front of Iran's diplomatic mission in DC Monday night is headed back to Iran, but his story is no clearer. Shahram Amiri initially claimed he was kidnapped by CIA operatives in Saudi Arabia and held hostage in Tuscon for much of the... More »

Iranian Nuke Scientist: I Fled US Kidnappers

Iranian TV airs footage of man claiming to be missing atomic researcher

(Newser) - A man who says he is missing nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri has appeared in a video shown on Iranian TV claiming to have fled his American captors. "A few minutes ago I succeeded in escaping US security agents in Virginia," the man says. "I am producing this... More »

3 Stories