A Whale supertanker

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Choppy Seas Foil Tests of 'A Whale'

No definitive answers, more testing needed for skimmer

(Newser) - Choppy seas have temporarily foiled attempts to see if a giant oil skimmer can be a silver bullet for cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Bob Grantham, spokesman for Taiwanese shipping firm TMT, says the company's vessel, dubbed "A Whale," will need further testing off the coast... More »

Hopes High for Whale of a Test

Supertanker continues 48-hour oil-skimming trial

(Newser) - The latest hopes are riding on a massive new skimmer to clean oil from near the spewing well in the Gulf of Mexico, while a local Louisiana parish's plan to block the slick has been rejected by federal officials. A 48-hour test of the Taiwanese vessel dubbed "A Whale"... More »

'Whale' Supertanker to Skim Oil in Gulf*

*Er, assuming it works

(Newser) - A massive supertanker is heading for the Gulf, newly outfitted to skim oil out of the water—in theory. The boat, appropriately named A Whale, is 10 stories tall and 372 yards long, making it the largest ship to ever attempt an oil cleanup job. Its owner, Nobu Su, CEO... More »

3 Stories