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New Hampshire Full of Weird Candidates

Meet a few of the 44 people running in the state's primary

(Newser) - Meet Vernim Supreme. He’s running in the New Hampshire presidential primary—as he does every four years—on a platform of zombie readiness, obligatory tooth brushing, and a pony for every American. He often wears a rubber boot for a hat and likes to confront his, er, more established... More »

Time for 'Rational Conservatives' to Speak Up

Fringe candidates are getting out of control

(Newser) - It's easy to write off the campaign ads of Tea Party candidate Rick Barber in Alabama as the ravings of someone on the fringe, writes Ruth Marcus. But his latest —in which he equates taxes to slavery and uses images of Holocaust victims—is not only "sacrilegious" but... More »

2 Stories