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Verizon iPhone Has Antenna Trouble, Too

Consumer Reports: It drops calls if held in a certain way

(Newser) - Remember the "you're holding it wrong" problem of last year that led to dropped calls on iPhones? Well, it applies to the new Verizon version, too, says Consumer Reports in a blog post . The magazine generally loves the phone but won't recommend it because of the antenna issue. "... More »

iPhone 4 'Fix': Free Cases!

Unapologetic Jobs says phones aren't perfect

(Newser) - Apple has a solution to what Steve Jobs calls “Antennagate.” No, it’s not going to recall the iPhone 4, but it is going to give each disgruntled user a free case! Jobs seemed just a wee bit unapologetic at a press conference today, kicking things off with... More »

The Curse of the iPhone 4

Is it Steve Jobs' impatience, or an unlucky number?

(Newser) - Is the IPhone 4 cursed? Before you laugh, consider the evidence: Apple's would-be star has been plagued by setbacks including a suicide, misplaced prototypes and, now, the antenna problems the company will address at a news conference today, notes the Los Angeles Times . These problems, they theorize, may have something... More »

Engineer Warned Jobs About iPhone Defect

But Apple ignored concerns to keep svelte design

(Newser) - The iPhone 4’s antenna problems didn’t exactly sneak up on Apple. A top antenna expert warned Steve Jobs early in design that the proposed antenna—a metal strip circling the phone—could lead to dropped calls, a source tells Bloomberg . Later, one of Apple’s carrier partners raised... More »

Hmmm, Apple Hiring Phone Antenna Engineers

And company isn't budging about offering free cases

(Newser) - Apple is still pushing the notion that reception problems with its iPhone 4 are no big deal, but Engadget can't help but notice that the company is looking to hire phone antenna engineers. It found three job postings from June 23, the same day widespread problems surfaced. The Boy Genius... More »

5 Stories