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Christian Bale Drops Out of Film for Odd Reason

He was reportedly concerned over weight gain required to play Ferrari

(Newser) - Christian Bale has dropped out of a film, and sources say it's because he couldn't gain weight fast enough. Bale was due to star in Michael Mann's Enzo Ferrari movie, a biopic of the titular character set in 1957, but has left the production over, officially, health... More »

Climatologist Sues Critics for Defamation

Blog posts said he faked data, compared him to molester

(Newser) - A leading climatologist has filed a defamation suit against the National Review and a conservative think tank because they claimed he manipulated data and compared him to child molester Jerry Sandusky, report the Guardian and Scientific American . In 2010, Michael Mann was one of several scientists at the heart of... More »

Penn State Clears Climategate Scientist

It finds no evidence of research fraud

(Newser) - Another investigation into the so-called Climategate scandal has found no evidence that researchers manipulated data to buttress their case for global warming. In the latest, Penn State today cleared Michael Mann, the meteorology professor at the heart of the controversy, of research fraud, reports CBS . It's the fourth investigation, including... More »

3 Stories