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Gingrich Clarifies Immigration Policy: No Amnesty

He says most illegal immigrants should reapply for citizenship

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich said he was “prepared to take the heat” when he offered his opinion that the US should be “humane” in enforcing immigration law, and now he finds himself fighting back against criticism from his fellow presidential contenders, MSNBC reports. “I am not for amnesty for... More »

Oops: Ala. Lawmakers Don't Like ... Ala. Immigration Bill

Some would like to scrap parts of it altogether

(Newser) - Alabama’s new immigration law was billed as the harshest in the nation, but apparently lawmakers—including some who voted for the bill—didn’t realize exactly what that meant. Long lines have formed at some courthouses as residents are required to show proof of citizenship for everything from getting... More »

US Asks Court to Block Alabama Immigration Law

Justice Department wants tough new measures stopped

(Newser) - The US government asked an appeals court today to halt the Alabama immigration law considered by many the toughest in the nation, saying it could have dire diplomatic consequences abroad, invites discrimination, and merely forces illegal immigrants into neighboring states. The motion, filed in the 11th US Circuit Court of... More »

Alabama Now Has US' Harshest Immigration Law

Portions of it go into effect today after judge's ruling

(Newser) - Starting today, Alabama police will enforce what many are calling the US’ toughest immigration law. A federal judge upheld key aspects of the law yesterday, including allowing authorities to question and detain suspected illegal immigrants and requiring officials to check public school students’ immigration status. The governor says those portions... More »

Jon Kyl: Illegals' Kids Shouldn't Be Citizens

Time to repeal the 14th Amendment

(Newser) - Screw the Constitution; Jon Kyl thinks it's time to stop automatically giving the children of illegal immigrants born on US soil citizenship. The Arizona senator yesterday got behind Lindsey Graham's call to repeal the 14th Amendment, reports CBS, saying, "the question is, if both parents are here illegally, should... More »

Arizona to Prez: Do Your Job, Secure the Border

Guv fires back after Obama scolding

(Newser) - Did President Obama's slam against Arizona's immigration law make the governor quake in her boots? Hardly. "Do your job. Secure the border," Gov. Jan Brewer shot back at the president in a speech to a Republican group. Brewer pledged to "defend this law against every assault, including... More »

6 Stories