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Investors Ditch Once Lofty Cerberus Fund

Failed investments in Chrysler, GMAC have clients pulling $5.5B

(Newser) - Hedge-fund investors are leaving once-vaunted investment firm Cerberus Capital Management in droves, the Wall Street Journal reports. The firm, whose acquisitions of Chrysler and GMAC turned disastrous, is seeing $5.5 billion in capital—or 71% of its hedge fund assets—walk out the door. "We have been surprised... More »

Soured Deals Dog Brash Cerberus

Chrysler, GMAC struggles point to problems for private equity giant

(Newser) - The continued struggles of Chrysler and GMAC—two of Cerberus Capital Management’s largest and most recognized purchases—have observers wondering if the private equity darling has lost its Midas touch, reports Reuters. S&P has downgraded GMAC’s credit rating, Chrysler's January sales slipped 12% even as the company... More »

Chrysler Faces Cash Crunch

Struggling automaker looks to sell assets to raise cash in a hurry

(Newser) - With an auto industry novice as CEO, a product line trailing the rest of the industry, and an inadequate cost-cutting strategy, Chrysler is scrambling to sell assets to climb out of a deep financial hole. Four months after Cerberus Capital Management took the automaker private, the Wall Street Journal finds... More »

Where is Stephen Feinberg Taking Chrysler?

Onlookers worry what Steven Feinberg is up to with Chrysler

(Newser) - Portfolio does its best to profile Stephen Feinberg—the ultra-secretive, ultra-cutthroat CEO of Cerberus Capital Management—without talking to him. Feinberg avoids the media like the plague, preferring to bring faltering companies into the black in secret, and his shadowy plans for new stepchild Chrysler are no exception. More »

In Nardelli, Chrysler Found Its Maverick

Cerberus relying on tough-talking new CEO to cut costs

(Newser) - Former Home Depot chief Bob Nardelli has a reputation for being a brusque, hard-edged maverick, and that’s exactly what his new bosses at Chrysler want, Reuters reports. Cerberus Capital Management hopes to stem losses at the automaker by cutting costs, particularly in the delicate area of unionized workers. Nardelli’... More »

"Vulture Fund" Behind Chrysler Deal

(Newser) - Der Spiegel vivisects Cerberus, the private equity group that won Chrysler for a relative bargain today from German auto giant Daimler. Financier Stephen Feinberg's 15-year-old firm has $60 billion in assets, and specializes in companies on the brink of bankruptcy. The group avoids the spotlight, recruits former CEOs and politicians,... More »

6 Stories