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Paris Hilton Caught With Pot Again

Heiress denies Corsica cops found small amount of weed

(Newser) - Paris Hilton was briefly detained in Corsica after sniffer dogs detected a "quite small" quantity of marijuana in her bag, a French newspaper reported yesterday. Corse Matin newspaper said officers at the airport in Figari found about one gram's worth of marijuana. Hilton, who was transiting the French Mediterranean... More »

S. Africa to Paris: Sorry for Pot Bust

Culprit was really someone else in her group

(Newser) - It's not like it's her first brush with the law, but South African cops are profusely apologizing to Paris Hilton after they busted her yesterday for pot possession. All charges have been dropped, though another person in her group has pleaded guilty to possession and paid a fine. “I... More »

2 Stories