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Since Inauguration, 2.2K Progressives Decided to Run for Office

1K did so in the days after immigration order

(Newser) - A group determined to turn opposition to President Trump's policies into real change has signed up more than 1,000 young people to run for state or local office in the space of a few days. The Run for Something group, which is seeking people under 35 with progressive... More »

Bedbugs Scoff at Our Puny Pesticides

They just keep getting better at building up resistance

(Newser) - Bedbugs are starting to take on the characteristics of comic book villains. The first comprehensive study shows that as we keep dosing them with pesticides, they keep getting stronger, reports the Wall Street Journal . They've quickly developed natural defenses on three fronts—better nerve centers to fight off the chemicals,... More »

Ethiopia Pushes for Somalia Pullout

UN calls refugee crisis worse than Darfur's; skirmishes continue

(Newser) - Ethiopia wants its troops out of Somalia, where the UN says the refugee crisis is now worse than the situation in Darfur, the BBC reports. But a pullout now could spell disaster for the estimated 300,000 Somalis displaced by recent fighting between the Ethiopia-backed government and the Islamist resistance,... More »

3 Stories