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Justin Bieber on Abortion: 'It's Like Killing a Baby?'

Biebs also waxes philosophical on politics, sex

(Newser) - Justin Bieber doesn't believe in sex before ... marriage? Not exactly. In a notable departure from the party line of most teen stars, the Bieb tells Rolling Stone he thinks you should wait to have sex ... but just until you find "the person you're ... in love with." More from... More »

Hackers Re-Route Bieber Fans to Porn Sites

Fans sent to porn sites; tour contest hacked

(Newser) - The Justin Bieber backlash continues: First, hackers yesterday sent teenybopper fans looking for their Bieber YouTube fix to porn sites instead, the New York Post reports, while a pop-up claimed the star had died in a car crash. Then the bulletin board 4chan rigged Bieber's My World Tour contest—in... More »

2 Stories