Collateral Murder

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Pentagon Looks at Army Intel Analyst's Role in Afghan Leak

Bradley Manning only worked on Iraq war

(Newser) - Who could've given nearly 1 million classified Afghanistan war documents to WikiLeaks? The military is taking a close look at Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst already charged with leaking documents to the site. Manning would be a perfect suspect, except for one fact: He was stationed in Iraq and had... More »

Army 'WikiLeaker' Faces 8 Federal Charges

Bradley Manning accused of espionage for downloading video

(Newser) - An Army intelligence analyst who has acknowledged providing classified material to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks was charged with eight criminal offenses yesterday, Wired reports . Pfc. Bradley Manning violated the Espionage Act by giving classified material to a nongovernment third party, the government alleges. Manning, 22, is in custody in Kuwait,... More »

2 Stories