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N. Korea Says It Tested H-Bomb in 'Perfect Success'

First nuke test of Trump era as technological advances appear to come fast and furious

(Newser) - North Korea detonated a thermonuclear device Sunday in its sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date, which it called a "perfect success" as its neighbors condemned it. Though the strength of the blast is undetermined, the artificial earthquake it caused was several times stronger than tremors generated by... More »

Even the Crabs Eating Radioactive Coconuts Appear Healthy

Shockingly, marine life is thriving 70 years after Bikini Atoll nuclear tests

(Newser) - Seventy years ago, the US dropped 23 nuclear bombs on Bikini Atoll—including one that was more than 1,000 times larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, per the Guardian . Steve Palumbi calls it "the most destructive thing we have ever done to the ocean." Yet the... More »

Quake Was North Korea's Biggest Nuclear Test Yet

Pyongyang says it has reached 'higher level'

(Newser) - In what Seoul called an act of "fanatic recklessness," North Korea carried out its biggest nuclear test yet early Friday, angering allies and enemies alike. The test registered as a 5.3-magnitude quake; Middlebury Institute expert Jeffrey Lewis tells Reuters that signals a blast of up to 30... More »

German Man Claims 'Fantastical' Find: Nazi Nukes

Peter Lohr warns his alleged find will eventually decay

(Newser) - A Nazi gold train . The Amber Room . Claims of legendary Nazi-era finds have been surfacing of late—and, it's worth noting, not panning out —and Nazi nukes now join that list. In what it describes as a "fantastical" claim, the Local reports retired mechanical engineer and amateur... More »

Apollo 14 Veteran: UFOs Changed World History

Edgar Mitchell says ETs helped us avert disaster

(Newser) - A veteran US astronaut says the Cold War ended peacefully because extra-terrestrials visited Earth and kept nuclear war from happening, Fox News reports. Edgar Mitchell, who flew on Apollo 14 and was the sixth man to walk on the moon, says his version of events is based on military sources.... More »

Secret Underground Nazi WMD Factory Found: Report

Third Reich may have been building nuclear bomb in Austrian bunker

(Newser) - Suspiciously high radiation levels around the Austrian town of St. Georgen an der Gusen had long fueled theories that there was a buried bunker nearby where Nazis had tested nuclear weapons during WWII. Those suspicions came one step closer to being confirmed last week after the opening of a 75-acre... More »

Yep, We Nearly Blew Up North Carolina

1961 blast could've had 260 times the power of that in Hiroshima

(Newser) - A part of North Carolina came dangerously close to being obliterated in 1961. A newly declassified report discusses a US bomber that broke in half while flying over the state in January of that year, causing the two nuclear bombs it was carrying to plummet to the ground near Goldsboro—... More »

Scientist Calculates Where to Go If a Nuclear Bomb Hits

Do you head to inadequate shelter or better shelter? Michael Dillon has the answer

(Newser) - Good news: A mathematical model has been created that could help save your life in the event that your city is hit by a nuclear bomb. Scientist Michael Dillon's model, published Tuesday, is about reducing radiation risk from the bomb's fallout, and calculates "optimal shelter exit time.... More »

Oops: How the US Almost Nuked Itself

Bombs fell over North Carolina in 1961: book

(Newser) - The author of Fast Food Nation is offering a little reminder of the danger of nuclear weapons: If things had gone just a little differently, the US could have blown up North Carolina—and taken much of the East Coast out too, thanks to the fallout. In 1961, Eric Schlosser... More »

Activists Hope to Fight Poaching —With Nukes

New test can pinpoint year of elephant's death

(Newser) - As the slaughter of elephants for their ivory continues at its worst rate in decades , conservationists have enlisted an unlikely new weapon in the fight against poaching: Cold War-era nuclear bombs. Scientists have found that radioactive carbon left over from above-ground nuclear tests carried out between 1952 and 1962 makes... More »

Nuke Blast Wouldn't Destroy DC, But... would kill at least 45K, study finds

(Newser) - This is good news, we guess: The US government has determined that, should terrorists blow up a 10-kiloton nuclear device just north of the White House, it would not destroy Washington, DC. Of course, the study found that the blast would devastate the area, crumbling buildings and killing most everyone... More »

Chavez, Ahmadinejad Chuckle About Nukes

Bomb is 'ready' under steps of palace, jokes Venezuela's leader

(Newser) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez shared a laugh about a nuclear bomb and Washington during a jovial meeting yesterday in Caracas. Chavez joked that a nuke was ready under a grassy knoll in front of his Miraflores palace steps. "That hill will open up and... More »

Nagasaki Marks 65th Anniversary

Memorial emphasizes eliminating nuclear weapons

(Newser) - Bells tolled today as Nagasaki marked 65 years since the last time a nuclear weapon was dropped on a civilian population, reports the BBC, an attack that killed 70,000, leveled an entire city, and ultimately ended the last world war within a week. Though the US ambassador to Japan... More »

US Joins Hiroshima Memorial Event for First Time

Ambassador present as city marks 65 years since atomic bomb

(Newser) - Hiroshima marked the 65th anniversary of its atomic bombing today with an official representative from the US in attendance for the first time. Ambassador John Roos said he hoped this year's event would boost world efforts towards nuclear disarmament, the AP reports. Fellow nuclear powers Britain and France also sent... More »

Nixon 'Considered Nuking N. Korea'

Pilot reports he was prepared to drop bomb

(Newser) - President Richard Nixon considered using nuclear weapons against North Korea after its fighter jets shot down an American spy plane in 1969, killing all 31 people on board, according to NPR . A former US pilot also reports that he was ordered to be prepared to drop a nuclear bomb on... More »

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