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They Say Manus Island Was 'Hell.' Now Australia Will Pay

Country will pay $52M if deal is approved

(Newser) - Australia has agreed to pay $52 million to 1,900 refugees and asylum seekers kept in one of its heavily criticized offshore detention centers, which could lead to more settlements with detainees from other camps , reports CNN . If approved by a court, the settlement will cover $20 million in legal... More »

Afghan Pilot Says She Can't Go Home From US

She applies for asylum, citing death threats

(Newser) - Capt. Niloofar Rahmani's story seems to sum up the dismal state of women's rights in Afghanistan more than 15 years after the Taliban were forced from power. The 25-year-old is the first female fixed-wing pilot in her country's air force, but she says she has received death... More »

Migrant Women, Children Detained for Months in PA

They're starting a hunger strike in protest

(Newser) - In August, Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson said the amount of time illegal immigrants spend at family detention centers is 20 days. But the New York Times has a look at 67 women and children who have been held in a Pennsylvania detention center for months on end, some of... More »

At Australia's Refugee Camp, Chilling Abuse, Rape

Guardian reports on rape, child abuse at Nauru

(Newser) - More than 2,000 leaked incident reports from Australia’s detention camp for asylum seekers on the Pacific island of Nauru reveal what the Guardian describes as "routine dysfunction and cruelty," including assaults, rape, and incidents of self-harm. About half of the incident reports from May 2013 to... More »

Denmark OKs Law to Seize Migrant Assets

Anything worth over $1.5K will help pay for asylum seekers' housing, expenses

(Newser) - Those seeking asylum in Denmark with more than $1,500 in assets can now expect to part with anything above that amount thanks to a new law. Advancing what the country's PM has deemed "the most misunderstood bill in Denmark's history," Danish lawmakers voted 81-27 Tuesday... More »

Germany Wants to House People in Old Nazi Camp

'Tasteless' Schwerte plan condemned

(Newser) - A rise in the number of people seeking asylum in Germany has led to huge anti-immigration rallies —and left one local authority so short of accommodations that it says it has to house asylum seekers in a former outpost of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Authorities in Schwerte in western... More »

Missing Afghan Soldiers Nabbed at Canadian Border

The men may have been seeking asylum

(Newser) - The three Afghan soldiers who vanished from a training exercise in Massachusetts on Saturday were found today near Niagara Falls, apparently trying to gain asylum in Canada, the Cape Cod Times reports. A source tells WCVB that the soldiers told Customs Agents at the Rainbow Bridge crossing that they were... More »

200 Soccer Fans Seek Asylum in Brazil

1K more Ghanians expected to apply

(Newser) - Ghana's World Cup team went home without having won any of its three games in Brazil (though it did tie Germany), but a few hundred of its fans want to stay behind permanently. Brazilian authorities say 200 Ghanians who entered the country on tourist visas for the tournament have... More »

Dozens of Asylum Seekers Drown off Indonesia

And many more still missing after boat headed to Australia sinks

(Newser) - At least 31 people have drowned after a boat carrying asylum seekers from Indonesia to Australia capsized on Friday, and dozens more are still missing, the ABC reports. The asylum seekers were from Lebanon, Pakistan, and Iraq, and were headed to Australia's Christmas Island when the boat was hit... More »

Sudan Runner Seeks Asylum

British right has made asylum an issue

(Newser) - An Olympic runner from Sudan has requested asylum at a London police station, an official tells the New York Times . The athlete's name hasn't been released, but the list of suspects isn't long; the war-torn East African nation only sent six athletes to the games. The case... More »

130 Saved in Another Christmas Island Sinking

Tragedy marks 2nd capsizing in one week

(Newser) - For the second time in a week, a boat crowded with asylum seekers sank off Christmas Island—but this time, at least 130 of the estimated 150 on board have been rescued, the AP reports. In Thursday's capsizing , which happened in the same area—a popular destination for refugees... More »

Dissident Talks Cloaked in Secrecy

Biggest challenge to US-China relations since Tiananmen: insiders

(Newser) - The silence speaks volumes. Days after blind dissident Chen Guangcheng fled house arrest and took shelter with US officials in Beijing, American diplomats and Chinese officials are still keeping quiet about what's going to happen next, as both sides scramble to figure out how to resolve the standoff, reports... More »

Afghan Asylum Seekers Reach 10-Year High

Human smuggling in Afghanistan, Pakistan worth $1B annually

(Newser) - In the tenth year since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, more Afghans sought asylum abroad last year than any time since the war began, reports the AP . A UN report says that more than 30,000 Afghans applied for political asylum around the world from January to November, a 25%... More »

Hundreds Missing After Ship Sinks off Indonesia

250 asylum seekers were heading to Australia when storm sank boat

(Newser) - More than 200 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran who were en route to Australia are missing and feared dead after their overcrowded boat sank off the coast of Indonesia's main island of Java, reports the AP . About 250 people were packed onto a boat designed for... More »

Aussie Asylum Seekers Sew Lips Together

It 'won't help their cases,' says minister

(Newser) - Ten asylum seekers in Australia have sewn their lips together to protest an excruciatingly long process to obtain refugee status. The men are refusing medical treatment, but are able to drink sugared water. Officials have warned that the action won't help their cases. "This is distressing for me and... More »

Tel Aviv Embassy Standoff Ends

Palestinian shot and wounded, ending 7-hour siege

(Newser) - Security guards shot and wounded a Palestinian man holding hostages inside the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv last night, ending a tense 7-hour standoff. The man, Nadim Injaz of Ramallah, was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. Injaz said he wanted asylum in Turkey and protection from... More »

Britain Paves Way for Gay Refugees

Ruling hailed as victory for LGBT rights

(Newser) - Gay refugees have a right to asylum in Britain, a high court has ruled. The decision, which cites "rampant homophobic teaching" in parts of Africa and "the ultra-conservative interpretation of Islamic law" in Iran, will stop those fearing imprisonment, torture or execution from being shipped back to their... More »

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