Proposition 19

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New Pot Measure Floating in Calif.

Initiative would treat weed like beer, wine

(Newser) - Voters in America's most populous state are likely to find the question of marijuana legalization on their ballots again next year. Supporters of the "Regulate Marijuana Like Wine" initiative have been given permission to start circulating petitions to get the measure on ballots next year, AP reports. The... More »

Arnold: 'No One Cares if You Smoke a Joint'

Schwarzenegger talks about why Prop 19 failed

(Newser) - Prop 19 failed in California, but the Governator notes that “no one cares if you smoke a joint or not.” Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed the failed measure, along with other aspects of the election, last night on the Tonight Show , telling Jay Leno that the move to legalize pot... More »

Prop 19 Backers Banking on 2012

Legal pot poised to win next time, they say

(Newser) - Proposition 19 may have lost at the polls , but relax, dude: Its backers are more convinced than ever that a similar measure will pass in 2012. A post-election poll shows that Californians actually do favor legalization 49% to 41%, so now it’s just a matter of getting the young... More »

Chill, Stoners: Californians Do Back Legal Pot

New poll shows after vote they support legalizing marijuana 49%-41%

(Newser) - All the stoners out there tremendously disappointed in California's failure to make pot legal can relax. Californians generally do support legalizing marijuana, but a number of them may have simply been too stoned to make it to the polls. If young voters had turned out as heavily this week as... More »

Why Proposition 19 Failed

Little funding, lack of young voter turnout, and other factors

(Newser) - Proposition 19 , California’s marijuana legalization measure, went up in smoke yesterday—but why? A few opinions:
  • Pot is already legal: The campaign for Prop 19 was “centered on the injustice and waste of law enforcement resources involved in treating cannabis smokers like criminals,” a point that
... More »

Legal Pot Goes Down in Flames

California voters reject Prop. 19

(Newser) - California voters rejected a cutting-edge measure that would have made it legal to grow, possess, and use up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes. Prop. 19 was supported by young voters, the San Francisco Bay Area, state branches of the NAACP, and retired police chiefs, but slammed by... More »

Tea Partiers Stoked About Legal Pot

Libertarianism trumping Reagan-era attitudes in California

(Newser) - Smaller government, lower taxes ... and legal marijuana? Tea Partiers aren't generally associated with toking, but Californians backing Proposition 19 say a surprisingly large share of the movement is planning to vote to legalize pot. Tea Partiers— as well as many Republicans in general —have a strong libertarian streak and... More »

Blacks Smoke Less Pot, But Get Arrested More

LA Times: This 'unequal enforcement' must end

(Newser) - White people smoke pot at a higher rate than black people, says the government, but you'd never guess that from police reports. In California, blacks are arrested far more frequently for marijuana possession than whites—at 13 times the rate in some areas, notes the Los Angeles Times editorial board.... More »

Why We Need to Legalize Pot

Our war on marijuana does more harm than good

(Newser) - What will happen if we legalize marijuana? Simple: Police will be able to “focus on serious crime instead,” writes George Soros in the Wall Street Journal . The liberal billionaire and philanthropist outlines his reasons for supporting California’s Prop 19 , with the bottom line being that “our... More »

Marijuana's Newest, Unlikeliest Fans: Republicans

A surprising number of conservatives are all for legalization

(Newser) - The GOP may or may not be the Party of No, but it's the Party of Yeahhhhh, Man, when it comes to legalizing pot: Nancy Pelosi’s challenger, Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter, and even Glenn Beck are just a few of the Republican faithful who have spoken up in favor... More »

Prop 19 on Legal Pot Is in Trouble

Bid to legalize marijuana is suddenly trailing in the polls

(Newser) - Proposition 19 may have captured a lot of media attention, but the ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in California is suddenly in jeopardy. It's trailing 51% to 39% in a new Los Angeles Times poll after leading much of the way until now. The problem, apparently, is that supporters haven't... More »

Holder: Feds Won't Ease Up on Pot Arrests

It's still against federal law, no matter what California decides

(Newser) - Eric Holder would like to remind Californians that marijuana will still be illegal under federal law no matter the outcome of next month's ballot initiative. And the attorney general promised to "vigorously enforce" that federal law. Holder slammed Prop 19 as something that "will greatly complicate federal drug... More »

Legalizing Pot in California Won't Hurt Cartels

Mexican gangs will still make plenty off the rest of the country

(Newser) - Fans of California’s Proposition 19 like to argue that it would be a major blow to Mexican drug runners, but that’s just not true, according to a group of drug policy researchers. A new report from the nonpartisan Rand Corp. finds that even if legal marijuana displaced the... More »

Facebook Bigwigs: Legalize Pot!

Dustin Moskowitz, Sean Parker for it, but ads with pot leaves still banned from site

(Newser) - Ads with images of marijuana leaves have been banned from Facebook but two of the site's movers and shakers have made hefty donations to the same cause backed by the ads. Co-founder Dustin Moskowitz has donated $50,000 to support legalizing marijuana in California, and Sean Parker, Facebook's first president,... More »

Dems Look to Light Up Stoner Vote in 2012

Ballot measures to legalize pot could motivate youth, dude

(Newser) - Democratic strategists think they might be able to float to victory in 2012 on a cloud of Mary Jane. If California’s Proposition 19—the ballot initiative to legalize pot in the state—does a decent job of driving liberal young stoners to the polls, expect to see similar initiatives... More »

California's Pot Crop Draws Thieves, Violence

'Just legalize it already,' says one local

(Newser) - In California's conservative Central Valley, legions of recession-hit farmers are growing medical marijuana legally. But protection from the law can't keep robbers at bay, and there have been at least five confrontations in the last month, two of which were fatal, notes the Los Angeles Times . In one incident, a... More »

Schwarzenegger Opposes Pot Legalization

Prop 19 would make state a 'laughingstock,' Governator writes

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just last year called for debate on legalizing pot, has come out against Proposition 19, a ballot initiative that would do just that. “Any patrol officer, judge or district attorney will tell you that Proposition 19 is a flawed initiative that would bring about a host... More »

Blacks Oppose Legalizing Pot? Maybe Not

Polls show new variation on Bradley effect

(Newser) - If you look at the six available polls on the prospects for California's Proposition 19, which would legalize and tax pot, a funny thing emerges. Funny to Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight , anyway. The three automated polls show legalization passing by double-digit margins, and the three that used human operators show... More »

He Wants to Be the 'Two Buck Chuck' of Pot

Entrepreneur wants to transform marijuana growing

(Newser) - Jeff Wilcox is set to become pot's first great entrepreneur. The California businessman has convinced the Oakland city council to allow the construction of factory-style marijuana farms, aimed at producing decent-quality bud at below-average prices. For now, Wilcox is filling a niche in the local medical marijuana market. But he... More »

Calif. Pot Battle Splits Black Community

NAACP for Prop 19, many black pastors against it

(Newser) - The president of the California NAACP vocally supports Proposition 19, and many of the state's black religious leaders oppose it just as vocally. As the ballot measure to tax and regulate marijuana grows closer, both sides are increasingly viewing black voters as the swing bloc that will determine the proposition's... More »

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