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LeBron Back to Cleveland: 'I'm Coming Home'

NBA star returning to his original team

(Newser) - LeBron James is heading back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he first became a superstar. As the local Plain Dealer puts it, "King James has reclaimed his throne." And as James himself puts it, "I'm coming home." In an essay at Sports Illustrated , James explains... More »

LeBron James Opts Out, Will Be Free Agent

Star exercises early termination clause with Heat

(Newser) - America, are you ready for The Decision II? Well, too bad, because LeBron James is apparently taking his talents away from South Beach. The player generally regarded as the NBA's best has decided to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat, his agent tells ESPN . The move... More »

Miami's Historic Win Streak Finally Ends

Bulls dethrone them in physical contest

(Newser) - The streak is over. The big prize is still out there. That's what mattered most to LeBron James and the Miami Heat. The Heat's bid for NBA history ended last night when their 27-game winning streak was snapped by the Chicago Bulls, 101-97, setting off a raucous celebration... More »

LeBron Gets His Ring as Miami Heat Routs Thunder

LeBron James is king of Miami's 121-106 win over Oklahoma

(Newser) - LeBron James was king of the court last night as the forward finally made good on his promise to bring an NBA championship to Miami. The Heat suffocated the Oklahoma City Thunder 121-106 in Game 5. LeBron was the star, chalking up a triple-double in 44 minutes, with 26 points,... More »

LeBron's Dumbest Quotes

Trust us, there are a lot of them

(Newser) - LeBron James has been called one of basketball’s greatest since his high school days, and we’d probably have no problem believing it—if he didn’t open his mouth so much. In fact, his ugly reaction to Miami Heat's homecourt loss in the 2011 finals is just... More »

LeBron: I Know I'm 'Not Superior'

Miami star clarifies his post-game comments

(Newser) - LeBron James was not a happy camper after the Dallas Maverick's win over the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA finals, and he let everyone know about it . In a clarification today, James said the humanity-dissing comments he made may have been misunderstood, and that when it... More »

Herald Runs Ad Praising NBA Champs: Miami Heat!

Unfortunately, the team lost the NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks

(Newser) - At least Miami Heat fans have one positive newspaper clipping for the scrapbook. The morning after the Heat lost the NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks, the Miami Herald mistakenly ran a nearly full-page Macy's ad congratulating the Heat on its "win" and offering championship T-shirts and hats.... More »

LeBron James: A King Deposed

Miami's loss shatters James' reputation

(Newser) - Sports columns everywhere are thick with schadenfreude today after LeBron James yet again vanished during the fourth quarter to hand Dallas the NBA title . Here’s what people are saying:
  • LeBron is still royalty, but he’s not a king—he’s “an emperor with no clothes,” writes
... More »

LeBron to Former Fans: Your Lives Still Suck

Meanwhile Dan Gilbert rejoices over Mavericks win

(Newser) - LeBron James gave his detractors a whole new reason to hate him in his post-game press conference last night, essentially telling them that he’d rather have his life than theirs. “At the end of the day, all the people that was rooting on me to fail … they... More »

Boos Can't Keep LeBron Down

Miami Heat crush Cleveland Cavaliers

(Newser) - Turns out it takes more than boos to win a basketball game. Because Cleveland Cavalier fans definitely delivered a flawless booing performance last night—raining down jeers like, “Akron hates you!” and “Scot-tie Pip-pen!”—and it wasn’t enough. LeBron James played spectacularly, racking up... More »

'Be the Bad Guy' Tonight, LeBron

Winning is 'the only antidote' for raucous boos

(Newser) - Hey, LeBron: When you hit the court tonight in Cleveland with the Heat, you’ll face a seriously nasty crowd. And there’s only one response for that, writes Dave Zirin in the Nation . “Be the bad guy.” Play hard, and “when the crowd starts raining the... More »

Cavs Hire Firm to Probe LeBron Signing

Cleveland 'not letting go' of suspicions against Heat

(Newser) - The Cleveland Cavaliers think the Miami Heat violated tampering rules in their pursuit of LeBron James, and they're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove it. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has hired a Midwestern law firm to investigate the courtship, sources tell Yahoo! Sports . He intends to build up... More »

Thanks, LeBron: Heat Fires Season Ticket Salespeople

With season tickets sold out, franchise cuts back

(Newser) - The Heat's season tickets sold out even before LeBron James officially announced he was leaving Cleveland for Miami, so the next step feels inevitable: The team has fired the 30 people hired to sell season tickets, the Miami Herald reports. "They let us go because there was really nothing... More »

Miami Heat Star Compares Losing Streaks to 9/11

Dwyane Wade backtracks, apologizes

(Newser) - Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat is scrambling to apologize after he said a losing streak by the newly LeBron James-enhanced team would "be like the World Trade is coming down again." The original source no longer includes quite that wording, New York notes, and Fanhouse is blaming... More »

10M of You Watched LeBron's 'Decision'

Congratulations on time well-spent

(Newser) - The Nielsen Co. estimates that 9.95 million people watched LeBron James announce on ESPN that he's leaving Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat, making it the third-most-watched program on cable television this year. The Decision that aired Thursday night ranks behind the 12.3 million who watched the... More »

LeBron Mural Coming Down in Cleveland

10-story-tall Nike ad just doesn't make sense anymore

(Newser) - Cleveland is moving on with life: Workers today began removing an enormous mural of LeBron James from a downtown building, reports CBS4 . The Nike ad is 10 stories tall and has been a fixture of the Cleveland skyline for a few years. It's so big that workers will spend all... More »

LeBron Made a Costly 'Decision'

Unpopular move could cost James lots of sponsorships

(Newser) - Maybe LeBron James really does only care about winning, because if he cares about his money or his image, he’s made a really big mistake. LeBron’s Q rating, which measures how many people know and favorably view a person, was a stratospheric 34 until the decision to leave... More »

LeBron Shows World Everything Wrong With Sports

Hour-long ego trip lays bare pointless pastime

(Newser) - As the news broke that LeBron James will join the Miami Heat , fans whose teams lost out were disappointed, "but mostly they were flabbergasted by the tone deafness of the whole enterprise," Will Leitch writes for New York . Worse, the hour-long display of cluelessness surrounding the announcement exposed... More »

Cavs Owner Blasts LeBron for 'Betrayal'

Promises Cleveland will win a title before he does

(Newser) - Dan Gilbert was not, it turns out, a fan of LeBron James’ big ESPN special. The Cleveland Cavaliers owner posted an open letter brimming with vitriol toward, in his words, “our former hero” on the team’s website last night. He called LeBron’s move a “cowardly betrayal”... More »

Miami Heat Season Tickets Gone Amid LeBron Rumors

But he's not making any announcement until tonight

(Newser) - A lot of people in Miami are going to be very disappointed tonight if LeBron James announces he's playing elsewhere. Amid speculation that James will choose the Miami Heat, season tickets (some for as high as $6,000) sold out this afternoon, reports the Miami Herald . The team held back... More »

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