Disclose Act

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Nancy Pelosi Lobs Attack Ad at Colbert

Joke ad meant to drum up DISCLOSE Act support

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi is trying to drum up support for the long-languishing DISCLOSE Act, and she's found the perfect foil: Stephen Colbert. "Stephen Colbert used to be my friend," she says in a new YouTube ad. "But since the day he started his super PAC, taking secret... More »

Obama Looks to Crack Down on Secret Donations

Administration actions would replace law Congress fails to pass

(Newser) - The Obama administration has drafted an executive order that would force all companies seeking government contracts to disclose their donations to groups airing political ads, as part of a multi-pronged attack on the kind of anonymous campaign spending Republicans walloped Democrats with last year. The FEC is also moving to... More »

NRA Takes Wider Aim

Gun lobby not just focused on gun laws

(Newser) - The NRA is sticking its muzzle in all kinds of legislation that don’t look much like gun laws, the New York Times reports. The gun group’s lobbyists, thanks in part to their close relationship with Harry Reid, have put their fingerprints on everything from health care legislation (making... More »

3 Stories